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Albeo, the new one

  1. I like the Albeo theme. However, I do see one slight issue. I post a lot of videos on my weblog and when you serach by tag/category/recent post only the post title(s) are displayed, not the video (like on most other themes).

  2. I have try Albeo theme but it does'nt appear normaly on my page http:/ Any suggestion?

  3. @vitalitube,
    The archives only show an excerpt from a post in Albeo, so the videos will not be shown.

    You are using Custom CSS and it looks like it's all from the Contempt theme. You will need to adjust your CSS from Design->Edit CSS.

  4. Just noticed this about the snipped posts on archive pages. :|

    mtdewvirus, is this something that you guys can change (to make archives display full posts) or is it something theme-specific that will remain like so? Thank you. :)

  5. This is something theme specific. Each does it differently depending on the design.

  6. from where we can download this theme to use it on our hosting not on

  7. As I understand it, that theme is exclusively for wordpress.COM and isn't available to self-hosted blogs.

  8. From the theme designer's website:

    I made this theme specifically for users.

  9. that sucks, i want to use it on my hosting not on

  10. Sorry.

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