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Albeo won't render date format settings?

  1. Under my blog's "settings," I have my "date format" to display as "Sat 13/9/08 02h17." It was working fine with the Connections theme, but when I changed to the Albeo theme, it displays simply as "13 Sep, 2008" -- and I haven't changed my date format settings.

    Does that mean Albeo won't accept whatever date format we have under settings and will always display a fixed one? :(

    Please let me know if that's the case? I'll go back to Connections if so... :( Thanks.

  2. Themes can get the date/date format either from the settings page, or another place that I can't remember. If it gets it from "the other place" then changes you make in the setting > general will have no effect one what is displayed in the blog.

    Send a request in to support, perhaps they will fix it. .

  3. I know that they fixed the date format problem on the other themes so that it displays either day/month/year or month/day/year, but I think timestamp display is theme specific. On the three blogs that I'm currently using, none of them show a timestamp.

  4. Albeo has been fixed to use the date format in Settings.

  5. And there you go, fixed in 9 hours - and on a weekend no less. Thanks mtdewvirus.

  6. No problem! Depo-Masthead updated to respect this as well.

  7. Wow. Be still my beating heart. ;p Thanks, guys! =)

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