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Alert Box in new Vigilance theme

  1. I found the place in the Vigilance Options to put the text but I don't see the box on the site. Where do you put it? How do I use it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It shows at the top of the main blog page. See an example here:

  3. @kitkaplan Select enable just above the place where you put the Alert Box text. Return to your home page and you will see the Alert Box. --jim

  4. Great, I see it. I use only static pages on my site so it didn't show until I added some blog pages. thanks

  5. universalrules

    all the html tags that worked fine a few days ago in my alert box are now broke, except images and links....

  6. @universalrules, the site linked to your username is a twitter account, and we won't be able to help you with that.

    Provide a link to the blog you are talking about.

  7. universalrules

    weird, i dont know why i did that

  8. Go to appearance > vigilance options, make one minor change in the alert box text (such as adding a space and then deleting it) and then click "save changes" and see if everything doesn't come back for you.

  9. universalrules

    no, it didnt work.

    It must be that they have removed the ability to use all html in the alert box.... which of course is the only reason I used this theme to begin with.


  10. No, html works fine in the alert box. What you've pasted is not exactly html...

  11. universalrules

    ah yes, of course. Well either way, what I have there... WORKED until April 7. (Since the day Vigilance was released)

    So... wha happun?

  12. Apparently, someone forgot that no code is allowed

  13. @kitkaplan

    The alert box is displayed at the top of the home page to
    display information of choice here is a live example (you'll see my RSS subscription
    information in the alert box on my home page)

  14. @justjennifer

    You can use Basic HTML in the alert box text field.

  15. universalrules

    NO, JENNIFER, actually SOMEONE, didn't forget. As you clearly skipped over, it DID work for months. On THREE of my blogs. I was aware that it wasn't allowed in posts or widgets, but it worked from the beginning in the alert box.

    So, like I said, its probably just that WP realized their mistake. Which is lame, because it really improved the look of my site and I wasnt hurting anything with it.


  16. @teck07-what is displayed in universalrules blog's Alert box isn't basic HTML.

    @universalrules-"it did work for months..." Vigilance was introduced as a new theme on WORDPRESS.COM on February 19, 2009. If javascript worked in the Vigilance Alert Box, then The-Powers-That-Be missed disabling it before introducing the theme. Their bad. They compromised our site security. Thanks for pointing that out.

    By the way, this is a user-to-user support forum. Feel free to use the Support contact form found here


  17. universalrules

    meh, ok, month and a half... :)

  18. Got a confirmation from support that it was an accident that javascript was ever allowed.


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