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  1. I checked my new blog at Alexa, still not enough hits to register data, and today I saw something different that I've never seen before. Who is Jigsaw and Sterling Market Intelligence? It's like someone else other than myself or WordPress owns my blog (scroll down):

  2. looks like an ad to me

  3. Thanks. It was never there before. Seemed weird.

  4. How can I put Alexa Widget Button to my blog?

  5. Which widget are your referring to? Is it one of these?

  6. Really, if I were you I wouldn't bother with Alexa. Most pros only look at Alexa because the investors, people who are several years behind the times, think it's cool. It's not, and it's not accurate. But if it gives you a good ranking, might as well go for it.

    In my experience, all Alexa widgets are javascript and won't work, but it's possible they've got a new HTML one.

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