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Alexa ranking

  1. Hello everyone. I am quite confused now. Alexa ranking is based on the traffic to the blog right? I got two blogs. The first one is the one I used as a testing blog. Then I created another real blog. Now, after I transfer the blog to the new address,, i did not drive traffic to the old blog. But, its alexa ranking is getting higher with less views everyday. Why is it so? is it because it is the first blog? email me at [email redacted]. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please be aware that we provide support here for blogs and specifically for issues.

    Now, after I transfer the blog to the new address,, i did not drive traffic to the old blog.

    What do you mean by that? blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to thrid party sites. Doing so is a breach of the ToS.

    Are you referring to moving content from a wordpress.COM blog to a self-hosted wordpress.ORG install or not?

    What are the URLs for the two sites in question?
    Did you purchase domain mapping or an off-site redirect?

  3. Aha ... I think I have figured out what you mean. Have you transferred blog content from to using this method?

    If so then do be aware that if the blogs have duplicate content and one blogs visibility is not been changed to "private" that search spider will recognize "duplicate content" and that will have a negative effect. See here > Moreover, does not allow duplicate content blogs. Is this what you have done or not please?

  4. Yup, I transfer them from a blog to another. But, I had hide the blog already and it still appear in search engine. I don't know why. and my old blog's alexa ranking is much higher than my current blog even my current blog has more visitors. why is it so?

  5. Alexa ranking is hopelessly outdated. Their rankings are based on the pageviews BY PEOPLE WITH THE ALEXA TOOLBAR INSTALLED, over the past six months. So they are always six months behind.

  6. Oh, is it? Sorry for that. So, is there any other web ranking sites?

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