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    I have 2 queries regarding Alexa Ranking
    1) My blog is around 50 days old its Alexa ranking is 4,940,585 is it good and if not how much should it be according to the age of the blog.
    2) The Alexa ranking changes every 2-3 days and not frequently is it normal?
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    You are asking for an apples to oranges comparison. There are no bench marks re: traffic stats as there are multiple niches and comparing for example, food blog stats to fashion blog stats is senseless waste of time. We don’t provide support for Alexa issues here and they don’t provide support for issues. I suggest you consult the Alexa FAQs and/or contact Alexa with your concerns.



    1) no, not really if you’re ambitious and have been doing promotional work.

    2) yes, perfectly normal.

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