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    One feature that i’d love to see is that of the apple “alias” concept. when there is one instance of a file and you can put an alias in several folders that refer to it. opening it opens the original file.

    Similarly I’d like to be able to make an alias of a post. For example I might want to put one of the tech sites i cover in the tech blog on the family site but I dont want to duplicate the post (what i’ve been doing so far). I might want to put a new recipe in the family blog as well as the friends and classmates blog etc.

    In Blogger after much hunting, what i have done is open a 3rd blog for the common posts and I have created a sidebar in 2 blogs with a box that contains the contents of this 3rd blog. quite tiresome and it doesnt allow for many permutations and combinations. for eg. when I want a post in just two and not three blogs I would need to remove/hide the blox in the one where i dont want the post to appear etc.

    and so I’d love to be able to make an alias of a post on another blog.



    OK, I’m lost here. It’s *WAY* to early and my doctor has taken me off of coffee again. *sigh*

    As I understand what you are trying to do is some form of crossposting? If so, let me know because I’ve been mucking around with this lately from my off site blog and my test blog here although my method only works with 2 WP blogs. There are also those blogging clients as well you might be interested in but I’ll leave someone else to explain those as I don’t use them here.



    hi drmike :D i appologize for the confusion. and sorry to hear about your coffee embargo. i’d marked this one as a feature request and not a support question.

    i want a new way to x-post while blogging – a method which exists in the OS we use – both mac os and windows – alias and shortcuts respectively.

    using an alias / shortcut of a post in another blog would mean that there was only one instance of that post that you made in your original blog but unlike trackback the post would be a full post even on the second blog and not just a link to the original post.

    this would allow so much more flexibility. i’m not sure that this explanation is any better :P i appologize but i havent a way with words :D and thanks as always for looking and replying



    You can cross post from other blogs into one here at I do it myself on my real blog into my test blog which was my old blog as well. You’ll note the first line of each post on the test blog.

    It’s really a method of doing it from your home blog though and not something that would happen on’s end.

    Unless of course you’re wanting to do crossposting from two different blogs which is probably what you’re suggesting here.

    You would also have an issue with spammers and the like trying to raise their PRs and all that using this system.


    Interesting suggestion. of course it’s up to Matt though.



    thanks dr mike. i was just looking for an easier way to have common posts across the ( too many ?) blogs that i have started :D stopped by at your site – loved your work :D

    One easy way would be to use performancing but it still means that you need to know all the multiple places you wnat your post to appear when you make that post. doing it later is painful. plus ever since my PB crashed i’ve been using my husbands laptop and it doesnt have firefox so no performancing for a while now.

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