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Aliens and Science

  1. Earth was once considered " The Center of the Universe" , but as Science continues to advance, "We just might not be alone."

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  2. The Universe goes on to Infinity, it never stops, so vast it would take 13 years at our speed( approx, 25,000 miles per hour ) to reach the Center of our Galaxy, So, imagine we go further 100's of Billions of Light Years passing all the things we could not see from Earth. What would we see?

  3. You know growing up until now I am 19 I always got these dreams that Aliens do exsist I know that sounds crazy but maybe they do exsist. There just so far off they havent reached earth yet who knows

  4. I totally agree, We may never know for sure, but science is advancing, right now science knows more about the Universe like never before , but at the same time we are so tiny and in our infancy, just like you said they are just so far off they haven't reached us or we haven't reached them yet.
    I believe there is life out there somewhere, the universe is so vast that the probability of life is almost certain, but we can't proof it yet.

    Science study what forms life on Earth can also form life elsewhere conditions permitting.

    Science claims that the Universe is 15 Billion years old and time started at the time of The Big Bang, but in my opinion the universe has always been here Infinity.

    When the earth was forming in a process called accretion when dust particals collide with other dust particals get bigger and turn into pebble sized rocks they collide to even bigger rocks so on and so on to the size of cities, to moons ,to planets.

    The earth was a hot lifeless place glowing hot orange.

    I believe when The Earth was at this stage they ( Aliens ) were where we are today, so that means they are 4.5 Billions more advanced where we are. It is possible........

  5. I totally agree with you

  6. Aliens suck at science. They're way better at art history and math.

  7. Haha raincoaster... That was so random, but funny nonetheless.

    I think the idea of aliens is intriguing, but a bit scary. From the way that North America and many other parts of the world were colonized by countries from Western Europe and the like (I think that's at least mildly accurate..?) what if one of the alien civilizations that discover Earth decide to colonize our planet?

    I mean, could we stop them?

  8. I know what you mean, "It is scary". If they are highly more intelligent then us they would look upon us as "Ants" and just take what they want and need. Then on the other hand as to everything else Their is Good and Bad,but this is an asumption on my part............

  9. I certainly do not deny the possibility of aliens.
    BUT, I certainly deny the crap that is known as "aliens siting" or whatever you call it. I want to know why aliens don't have the guts to just show up, instead they have to appear all of a sudden to one person in mysterious settings and disappear in a fraction of a second lol

  10. I hear you. I think maybe some are true, but mostly are hoaxes. And a reason that they don't just show up is a question that runs in my mind also. I think that they know of our intentions, I mean just look around. We are so War and Gun happy.............

  11. If aliens do come to earth if they ever make it that is I will do whatever I can to stay alive if they do try to hurt people or even me but like lee said why there not here yet it runs in. My mind also

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