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align embedded youtube vids to left within a post -

  1. Hi,

    Im trying to align an embedded youtube video to the left in my posts. At the moment the video is being centered...

    i am using a site...not a premium version and only built this site within the last few weeks so i presume im on the most recent version of wordpress.

    i use the code [youtube=URL&w=300] and put this directly into my posts. I do not use any html editer.

    I just need to find out the code to amend my video so it aligns to the left... any help would be great.


  2. Hi thanks for replying.

    Ive tried that and similiar and its not working...

    i want to embed the video and align left embedded into a post.

    e.g [youtube=URL&w=300] how do i edit this code to align left?


  3. OK which exact method from the article did you try?

  4. The Youtuve shortocode doesn't have such an option. You need extra coding of the type I'm suggesting in the post airodyssey linked to - with additional commands because of the theme you're using. And you need to paste it in the HTML editor:

    <table style="border:none;width:auto;">
    <td style="border:none;padding:0;">
  5. thank you for all your help... working!

  6. You're welcome.

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