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Align image to center in blog post

  1. Hi there. Sorry if this is totally obvious but I've been struggling with it for like half an hour. I'm using the Regulous theme, and I'm having trouble getting small images to align toward the center of my posts. I've tried using the Align Middle setting in the image pane of the blog post editor, as well as selecting the image and hitting Ctrl-C as suggested by the help document. The latter seemed to work and aligned my image to the center in the blog editor window, but on my blog page the image was still aligned right. How can I get small images to align toward the center?

    (To take a look at the post I'm talking about, it's at
    I'm trying to get the image of the theater to align to the center of the post.)

    (Oh and I'm viewing the post in the Flock browser, which renders basically identically to Firefox. Maybe all this looks different in Internet Explorer.)

  2. I think it's stripped and not allowed.The other day I placed Photobucket image codes that automatically came with the < center > tags and they were stripped.But I think that you can use the < center> codes on text widgets.

  3. Yeah, but that seems like such bizarre behavior. I mean, I can center align text, and it lets me center the images in the editor. If this really isn't allowed, that's a really bizarre and kind of major bug. Anybody know a workaround?

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