“Align” makes images disappear

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    Just recently I’ve noticed that when I change the alignment options of a picture (using the visual editor) the picture disappears altogether.

    Looking at the code view reveals that what it’s done is to set the both the height and width to 1. It definately didn’t do this before — is it a known bug?



    We’ve got several threads on vanishing images over the past two days. I would think that they’re probably all related. Definitely send a Feedback to staff once support opens again on Monday.

    In the meantime, does changing the height and width simply restore the images? That would be useful to know.



    Yes, changing the height and width (or just deleting them and letting it use the original size) brings the picture back, and leaves the alignment correct.


    Hi Leiafee

    This is happening to me – and its not fun – It started a couple of months ago, and does as you’ve stated,
    but what also seems to happen if you try to change anything in image properties is that it puts two links to images in the code, as well as setting width and height to “1”

    What works for me at the moment is going into the ‘code’ and deleting the height=”1″ and width=”1″ AND deleting the second batch of html for exactly the same image.

    Did you manage to get this fixed properly, or should I send a Feedback too..?

    All the best,


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