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align whole blog left

  1. Hello . . . I'm trying to get my whole blog to hug the left of the screen. Right now it is all in the center and on small computers screens, you cannot see the whole blog. Any tips are welcomed!

  2. Change the #wrapper margin to something like 10px instead of 0 auto;

    `#wrapper {

  3. Oops

    #wrapper {
  4. hey the way woprdpres iz now how do u make your pagwe able to hold more

  5. @king1876, could you be more specific please? Width? More posts? Something else?

  6. thewhitelilyblog

    Also, wouldn't it be a good idea to make your own post on the question rather than just add it on to gayleneewing's?

    "Make your page able to hold more" could mean make the fonts smaller, or increase the margin space. Or as thesacredpath said, do you want it to hold more posts?

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