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    I’m trying to align 2 images on one line and I’m having serious problems.
    Does anyone know what I have to do so that I can place 2 images, one left one right on the same line?

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    …the first thing to do is make sure both photos are edited to fit the confines of the blog theme. So if the main column of the theme is 1000px wide, edit the photos so they’re 400-450px each.

    If you want two small images — one aligned left, the other right — you can get it done using the Visual Editor in the WP Dashboard. If they’re sized properly, just click on each photo and align it as you want.

    While you’re in the editor, click on the “Advanced Settings” tab, and under “Image Properties” you can also set the padding around the image so the text remains a uniform distance away from the image.

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    “While you’re in the editor,”

    Sorry, that should read “photo editor”. When you’re in the Visual Editor, and click on the photo, you’ll see a blue screen icon, that’s the photo editor. Just click on that and you’ll find the Advanced Settings tab.



    Otherwise you can wrap the images into a TABLE…

    More in my “Help” question:

    Good Luck!


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    Just to be sure, are we talking about this blog?
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    Also note that the site linked to the original poster’s name
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