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    Hi there

    Does anyone know how to align text which is next to a bullet so that if it wraps a line the text on the second line doesn’t sit under the bullet but is aligned with the first line of text? This is the page where I’m having the problem:

    I have tried a few bits of code from different forums but not found one that works for my blog yet.

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


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    You can simply use the unordered list icon in the visual editor. Highlight the text you want in the list and voila! A nicely formatted list with bullets.

    Or here is how it looks in the text editor:

    <li>Dr. Anna Fenemore, Posgraduate Research Tutor and Lecturer in Physical Performance, University of Leeds.</li>
    <li>Professor William R. Newman, Professor of Chemistry and History, John Hopkins University, US.</li>
    <li>Professor Sita Popat, Head of School and Chair in Performance and Technology, University of Leeds.</li>
    <li>Professor Lawrence Principe, Professor of Chemistry and History, Indiana, US.</li>
    <li>Nik Taylor, Senior Lecturer and Courseleader for the Division of Drama, researches Performance Magic and Technical Theatre, University of Huddersfield</li>
    <li>Dr. Ben Walmsley, Lecturer in Creativity & Collaboration and Postgraduate Taught Tutor, University of Leeds.</li>

    Here is a picture. The unordered list is item 4:


    Thanks for this 1tess. I tried using the unordered list icon before but it came up with the bigger bullet points which look a bit clunky on my page. There is mention in one of your links of a custom characters pop up box which you can use (which contains the smaller bullets option) – I’ve been through all the icons though and can’t find the custom characters box – do you know where this is?

    Thanks for your help.


    PS. I googled it too but couldn’t find this info.



    The way bullet points are styled to display in any theme is defined by the theme’s designer. To change the style of bullet display throughout the blog requires a custom design upgrade and CSS editing.

    See here to view how bullets are styled to display in the Twenty Twelve theme


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    You have the CSS upgrade. So you could style the bullet points in an unordered list as you like.
    I have vaguely dabbled in CSS but can’t really help you: I’m a total NEEBIE.
    Note that CSS is theme specific so you cannot copy code from someplace and expect it to work unless the code is about your specific theme.

    I can help you with adding html and your choice of bullet points, but you will have to do that for each and every post or page where you want them. In the text editor.


    @timethief, thanks for your reply. I’ve had a look at these links.

    @1tess. I’m a newbie to this too! I have tried copying and pasting CSS code for this from forums but as you say, it needs to be right for the twenty twelve theme to work.

    I’m going to leave it unbulleted for now, but please let me know if anyone else has any suggestions :-)

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