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    i have a netflix ratings list here ( and i can’t figure out how to line up the ratings along the right…

    can i? or is it just doomed to look sloppy?




    There are no themes that automatically do that as far as I know, at least, not for English. What you can do is put all the info in, highlight the text you want right-aligned, and click on the right-align button on the top of the post box (if you’re using the visual editor).

    If you want to indent them all by the same amount, you’ll have to do HTML coding by hand or learn CSS and get the CSS upgrade to set that up.



    Best way to do it is to use tables – that would require a bit of html knowledge though.

    Something like this:

    <table border="0">
              <td>3:10 to Yuma 9.08.07</td>
              <td>5 stars</td>
               <td>Black Snake Moan 9.17.07</td>
               <td>4 stars</td>

    Something like that.

    – Biyang Hansen


    tables are known to behave differently in different browsers. so you might like to test it using different browsers. might be helpful :D



    There’s one other thing you can do. As these are ratings you’re talking about, you could use an image for the stars instead (copy them from Amazon or somewhere like that); then all you have to do is insert the image before the text and use right align and it will align the image on the far right. I’ve done a quick example here so you can see what I mean. Hope it helps. :)

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