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  1. Please culd we have this (like we have center, left and right) because i spen half an hour or more just doing one post.


  2. You can :)

    Press alt-v on the Write screen and the option will appear

  3. thanks!

  4. Oh my God, thank you thank you thank you. I have been using wordpress for five months now, blogging about .99 ppd and never knew this feature existed! I have been so frustrated with the lack of this feature and never knew it was there! I feel so stupid right now.

  5. just a note that align=justify is broken for some themes (Supposedly Clean is the only one that comes to mind off of the top of my head)

  6. The option doesn't come up anymore.

  7. I just tried it and it worked for me in IE6. (First time I had tried it. Kind of neat.)

    Staff may have upgraded the TinyMCE editor recently and you're getting caught between versions. Please clear your browser's file and cookie caches and do a forced reload of the Write post page.

  8. Thanks, it makes sense. I'll try it now.

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