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    My posts are all justified to the left, but on my home page many of my posts appear centered. I went into each post and made sure the justification was to the left and it still comes out centered on my home page. And I’m not sure if this is another cause of this involuntary centering, but my sidebar has also now been relegated to the very bottom of the page (instead of the side where it belongs). I am using the None of these problems appear on my posts’ actual pages. Not sure if it matters, but I’m using the Cutline theme. Please help.



    The easiest way to see which post or posts are causing the issue is to set your blog temporarily to display only one post per page (settings > reading) and then go through them one at a time to see where the problems are. This will narrow down the possibilities.


    @aftertastesherry, try this: go to the html post editor for “The Big Reveal”, switch to the visual editor, back to the html editor again, save.


    hey there. i used to have THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM, and i used to use the cutline theme too. my alignments always went haywire. i’ve had no choice but to switch to another theme (K2 Lite) and so far it hasn’t given me any problems.
    hope yours gets fixed soon too.

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