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alignment for post

  1. Why are the lines in the post written not aligned? Is there any way to rectify this?

  2. Need a link please to see what you're looking at.

  3. Use text-align: justify; in the CSS.

  4. Agreed but if the issue is the text is running off to the right or overlapping, it may be something else. :)

  5. Hey thank!1 I tried as suggested and problem is resolved.:)

  6. You gotta be a mind reader in this line of work...........

  7. Worst thing you can do actually because you may be wrong and give the worng answer or cause confusion.

    Plus the only person's mind I was expected to read was my ex's. :)

  8. The trick though is understand what the guy means. :)
    And by its nature the query may not be expressed as precisely as some people would do. I normally get it right. Not always.

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