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    I find that if I use ‘align center’ for a an inserted image it does not similarly align the caption centrally, so that the caption is aligned to the left of the image. If I specify ‘no alignment’, the caption is always central to the image (GOOD) but the image is sometimes aligned to the left of the screen and sometimes aligned centrally (NOT SO GOOD). I do not want text alongside the image but do want the images and captions to be consistent.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @rogbee,
    Can you please confirm what you are trying to do?

    Are you trying to move the caption of the images to the center or something else?

    Thanks! 🙂



    I want no text or caption ALONGSIDE any photo but am happy with each photo either left-justified or centred. So far in my posts I have inserted photos and added captions with no particular justification. As you can see in, this looks O.K. at 90% zoom level on a PC but it goes awry at 100% zoom level – the photo gets shunted across a bit but the caption underneath stays where it is, at the left edge.
    I was wondering whether there was a means of ensuring that both photo and caption remain left-justified (or centred) at all zoom levels. I have tried various things but have ended up with text alongside the photo or the caption alongside or some such.


    Hi again Roger,
    It’s happening because the images are aligned to the center while the captions are aligned to the left.

    To solve that, try justifying the captions to the center as well on the post editor, if that does not work you need to customize CSS codes to move the caption to the center.

    You will need a WordPress.COM Premium or Business upgrade to edit CSS codes.

    Read more about it here:

    If you do not want to use CSS, the free solution is to justify the images to the left, so that the captions and the images are aligned together.



    Thanks for your further suggestions. I use the free WordPress option, being only an occasional blogger.
    Unfortunately neither centring nor left-justifying the photos and maps seems to make any difference. They look fine at zoom levels of 90% and 95% but some (not all) images, e.g. my very first map and the photo of the sheep, are slightly indented at 100% while the caption remains truly left-justified.
    Thanks again,
    Roger Thomas

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