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Alignment of comment widget out of whack...

  1. I have two blogs using the Twenty Ten theme, and on both the comments in the sidebar (blogger name, blog post they commented on) are out of alignment with the avatars. I have the avatars set at 96px, but the alignment is messed up at lower avatar sizes as well -- although it gets harder to tell the smaller the size.

    I've cleared the cache, logged out, closed the browser, restarted, taken the widget out and saved / reloaded the blog... and nada.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can see that using Firefox 14.0.1 and I'm flagging this thread for Staff attention. If you open the widget and choose a different avartar size does it rectify?

  3. Yes, those avatars are a bit to wide for the theme's sidebar when combined with the comment info text.

    Try 48 x 48 px instead.

  4. ...I've had them set at 96px ever since 2010 was first introduced.

    It happens at any size, including 48px, it just gets harder to see the smaller the avatar.

  5.'s set at 48px now, so you can see what I mean.

  6. They are aligned a bit better now. The problem is whenever the author + post title reaches two or more lines.

    What you're seeing at 48 px is more like what was intended. The gravatar up to the top-right with the text at the adjacent corner.

  7. ...sorry... what I'm seeing (at any size) is the text starting at the bottom right corner, and extending beyond the bottom of the avatar, which creates lots of white space between the avatars that was never there before.

    The 96px avatar was always properly aligned until today... maybe yesterday.

  8. Do you see any improvement if you temporarily switch to a different theme, like Twenty Eleven?

  9. I have a photo blog using Modularity Lite, I switched to 96px and everything is perfect.

    This is the URL... it'd be nice if you, or a moderator, would remove it after you've taken a look.

  10. Ah, I see what mean now. We're looking into it.

  11. All fixed up now, sorry about that!

  12. No problem... but it's not fixed. Both of my blogs using the 2010 theme are still out of alignment.

    -- I just removed the widget, closed the browser, logged back in, replaced the widget, and there's no change.

    Thanks for looking into this for me.

  13. Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?

  14. Cleared cache, no change.

  15. Sorry about that, back to the drawing board.

  16. No problem, it's cosmetic and I'm not entered in any design awards at the moment.

  17. ...20-hour "still here" bump.

  18. Still working on it, sorry about that.

  19. Done and done. Thanks for the stuff you did.

  20. We're still working on this issue. Sorry for the delay—should be fixed soon.

  21. Hi everybody, the problem described has been happening at our blog too:

    It was momentarily fixed this morning, then reverted back to being out of whack.

    I started a thread on this here:

    Any help we can get to resolve this would be much appreciated!

    Thank You!

  22. ...44-hour "still here" bump.

    Is there anything on my end that I can do to help?

  23. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience on this one.

    The display issues with Twenty Ten should be fixed now.

  24. ...thank you very much. Everything looks exactly right again.

  25. Thanks for the help, everyone.

    Back to normal finally and everything looks great!

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