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    I just started to use based on some of the comments in the forums in order to get my trip pictures in my blog entry. I like to see things centered so I wrapped the code for the slide in a <DIV>. For some reason the links at the bottom of the slides are pushed to the left and not centered. The exact code that I have there is the following:

    <DIV style="text-align:center;">
    [slideshow id=2449958197292790302&amp;w=600&amp;h=475]

    The blog is

    Can somebody give me a tip so that the whole thing is centered? Thanks


    The only thing which seems to work is this:

    <p align="center">[slideshow id=2449958197292790302&amp;w=600&amp;h=475]</p>


    By the way you may want to reduce the width/height so that it fits within the text of the blog entry. If ya don’t know how, you change the numbers after w= and h=



    I guess I could just bring it down to 500, too bad it does not support dynamic… like 80%…



    Bummer, I tried what you did but it did not work. I guess it has something to do with the CSS template? I am using the Andreas04 theme.


    hmmmm, it works for me as I use slide? Could it have to do with the fact that the slide is too big for the space allotted for blog entry? It must be hard to tell if it’s actually aligned since it creeps into your sidebar?


    Ummm, when I look at your blog, it is centered and is now within the blog entry margins. I’m using Internet Explorer 7. I’m wondering if you may be using a different browser, and that’s why it still looks strange? Or maybe you corrected and never updated this thread?



    Well, all I did was change the width of the display from 600 to 500. I wander what people’s default resolutions are. It seems that I am running a crazy res compared to everybody else….

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