All blog information/dashboard deleted. Impossible to edit

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    First I get a wordpress note that I need to change my password which I did.
    I can open and on the web
    but can no longer access my blogs with their dashboards on the wordpress site. They have disappeared and everything is reset to posting my first blog. Now I cannot edit my blogs or access any information related to my published blogs.
    Any advise (WordPress is closed on the weekend)/
    Thank you
    Rainer Loveiam

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. What happens when you try to sign in via these links?
    What exact message do you see?


    Hi, I am getting a smiliar thing — ( with own domain) — I can see my blog OK but I can’t access the dashboard — I get, “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. Then a button to diagnose connection problems. I’m using IE9 and can access other webpages as normal.



    @traceyupchurch: Try one of the tips here

    If that doesn’t help, please create a new topic (for the sake of organization)



    I am replying to airodyssey

    Whenever I get into my site on wordpress with my password or through my blogs as they are displayed on the internet I don’t get any information on present listed/published blogs.
    It looks like I never made one post or blog.


    Thanks — I have cleared the cache etc but have also realised am working under the wrong login (oops). (Can’t access the site anyway so might switch to Chrome.)



    @eutin45: Your message is unclear as to whether you actually tried the links I gave you above. Please confirm.



    Yes I tried these links. Same result: They give me the same empty or reset dashboards, no current blogs




    I switched from google chrome to firefox and internet explorer. No problem pulling up everything. All the items are there. Went back to chrome. Same problem.
    How can a browser make this difference in systems, and show pages where blogs are deleted? Beats me.
    Thanks for your trying with help.

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