all browsers/computers not viewing my css changes, help please

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    Hi, I have done quite a few changes in the css on our site so that on all my browsers on my laptop,my iphone and ipad i see them correctly to how they are supposed to be viewed. My partner tho, finds that on some laptops/computers in chrome she is unable to view the changes and sees the ‘leave a comment’ on the side (which i’ve hidden), the menu not correct and a few other things incorrect – this happens on her android phone as well. Can someone help me to understand why this is? I don’t get it, as i’ve tested it on other computers and browsers and i’m not getting this – but i’ve seen on her phone this is the case. Am using Chunk theme. Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Could you provide a little more detail please?

    Does it happen for every post? Could you point us to a link? I did test a few posts in my Chrome browser and I don’t see the ‘leave a comment’ text anywhere. I’m currently running Chrome version 21.

    To clarify, did you personally test in Chrome on your computer and it works for you but it doesn’t work for your partner in their Chrome browser?

    What Chrome versions are you both using?

    What operating system are you both using?

    Is there any chance your partner could link us to a screenshot showing what it looks like when they view in Chrome?

    There might be another way around this specific issue which would be to simply disable comments if you don’t want to allow people to comment.

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