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    Does my tag cloud have to appear in shouting capital letters? I’d prefer lower-case, but in poking around I couldn’t see how to change it, if there is a way to do so.


    The blog I need help with is


    It would require the paid CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience.

    My suggestion would be to contact staff and see if they will change it. It does look bad and they might very well agree and change it.



    That should be an opt-in thing for penguin bloggers. They’d love it.



    Well I just changed to the same theme in my test blog and put the Tag Cloud widget in the sidebar. I don’t have tags that are SHOUTING! Mine are in lower case so you need to contact Staff.


    You notice that they seem to gravitate toward “silver is the new black”?

    When they were running around here in droves, I remember designing their entire sites for them one question at a time. Don’t do that anymore – with anyone.



    With anyone … aw jeez shucks … and here I was working to asking you. ;)


    For you TT, I’ll do it.



    I should clarify. If people are making an effort to learn CSS and how it relates to HTML (markup) and are having problems, I don’t mind helping out, but there are those that buy the upgrade and can’t even spell CSS.

    “I bought the CSS upgrade and I don’t know anything about it [followed by a list of 50 things they want to change].” Those are the ones I’m talking about.



    Okay … I’m bookmarking :)


    If you want some CSSin’ done, just let me know.



    I’m waiting to see is I really need it for eliminating unwanted features. I’m trying to keep onecoolsite as a basic blog so I can relate to and identify with the majority of my readers who don’t have the CSS upgrade.



    I’m also tired of those people, and I don’t even ATTEMPT to answer their questions.

    Remember the one who CSS’d his site so that all the text appeared about two inches to the right of the monitor?


    Yeah, I remember that one. My only reaction was, WTF?

    @TT, if you find most everything you want in a theme and can live with what it gives you, then it is $15 you don’t have to spend annually. I’ll let both my CSS upgrades expire when they come due. I just don’t blog here much anymore so there really isn’t a need.


    The all caps thing in the tag cloud in silver is the new black though is out of place. It needs to be fixed by staff. Not sure if that was the designer’s brain fart, or staff’s.



    OK, thanks, I’ll ask at that link.



    Good. I’m sure Staff will take care of this change for you. :)

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