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    I find when inserting multiple captioned images into a single post, that once you “save” or “publish” only 1 image appears with ALL THE CAPTIONS. I have tried different ways of inserting the next image, (hit enter first, don’t hit enter first, center before inserting image, etc). It seems totally random as to whether it will work or not. Last night I spent over 1 hour trying to get my images to appear, re-doing the same things over and over…finally the post with the images and captions saved correctly. I don’t know why, but there you go. Any help would be appreciated with regard to the “exact” way to insert mutliple images with captions to the same post. Sue G.



    Afraid without an example of somewhere it’s screwed up we can only guess.

    Are you posting via the Gallery option, or posting images individually?



    posting images individually. the problem comes when you save or publish and then magically disappears.



    If I were you I’d contact staff with this one. They may have to take a look at that:



    I’m viewing thru Firefox 3 and the captions appear fine by the pictures

    try deleting your cookies and cache then restart the browser



    And I just looked with IE6 (shudder) and each caption is under its photo.



    And FF2 (yeah yeah yeah, I know… but until I upgrade my OS, I’m stuck with 2) looks fine as well.


    I am having the SAME problem and am going NUTS!! I didn’t have this problem a couple of days ago and no I do. I have to continually add the image with caption, try and save… see if it merged with the image prior to it (which it almost always does… but randomly will not!), delete.. try again, and the cycle goes on! I’m hating this right now.. very frustrating. Tried clearing my cache, and refresh.. did nothing. HELP!!



    We cannot help if you don’t have a blog; the site linked to your name is a flash-based website, and completely out of our area of expertise. If you do have a blog, please change the link so we can look at the problem.



    I had this problem yesterday. Not sure what caused it but deleting the images and making sure that I had a line between them solved it.


    What happens is that if you upload an image while in the visual editor, the cursor initially remains at the end of the caption text, so if you immediately upload a second image, its code gets inserted into the code for the first. You must either click outside each image before uploading the next, or do the uploading in the html editor.


    Correction: clicking outside the image is no good if there’s no more text yet. Hitting return, as vivian says, is safer.

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