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all content of the blog lost?

    i had almost 70 posts and 20 pages. what is wrong?

  2. OH GOD it has happened to me as well.

    what is going on???

  3. I haven't a clue. I'm all gone too!

  4. Happened to me too....

  5. And me. It seems to be a general failure. However, I'm touching wood it's recoverable - everything shows on the dashboard.

  6. Mine's gone, too. Send a support request. I'm sure it'll get straightened out soon.

  7. I just looked at my site and I have only one post ~ from Oct. 27, 2008. Everything else is gone!!! What the hell is going on? I looked at my admin panel, and my posts, comments, everything except that one post and its comments are all gone. (

  8. Please how can i contact support?

  9. All of my posts except my my recent one is gone. Help!

  10. We only have one post from October still left. I assume sending enough support requests with get wordpress's attention (clearly, we've only sent one from us)?

  11. All of my posts but one are gone. And, on my dashboard I can only see the one post, everything else has disappeared, not only from the blog, but from my dashboard.

  12. mine too... what is going on?!!

  13. Obviously a major malfunction.

  14. Crud. I meant is my site. Also, I meant that everything is gone except one post from Oct. 28, 2007. I'm all discombobulated by this and am not typing right. I am posting here because I see others are having problems as well, and I am not even able to get to the usual support e-mail, so I don't know what else to do.

  15. Mine too.....aaarrrgghhhh

  16. Mine too. I have one blog post left. Help!

  17. Me too. Some posts are there, but no pages.

  18. Same thing has happened to me as well. I'm at least taking comfort in the fact that it isn't just me.

  19. Same Here.

  20. I've only just started this blogging and I thought I'd done something stupid only my last post remains.
    I hope we can get it all back as I haven't saved my edited posts elsewhere only rough drafts.
    I wasn't expecting this!
    Good luck everyone

  21. same here.... hopefully wordpress is fixing this, without screwing up our sites...

  22. I'm back.

    Whew. Backed my blog up posthaste!

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