All Images dissappeared from my last post

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    My suggestion to everyone is to write your posts in a plain text editor (plain text editor please, not MS Word) until things settle down, and then you can copy and paste them into the WP editor. Then you can add the links and images, etc., at that time.



    I actually just re-pasted my HTML into a new post and everything worked: links and images. Looks like the bug is clearing up.



    well saving adding images until later is great. unless its an online portfolio (of images) which has to be submitted for a grad school application by 12pm tmorrow.
    I am new to wordpress and starting to hate it. my mom uses the old version. I wish i could get it.
    i hope it starts to work or I may cry–the cranky stage is over.


    @ knockoutniki you are lucky…I did try that and it’s not working at all…every time I click update post …all the HTML and images are stripped O.o



    Not working for me yet either. Major glitch in the matrix!



    Mine have been stripped too. I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I’ve tried adding them back in HTML mode but the <IMG> tags were stipped during the save. Fingers crossed for a quick resolution.



    you might want to try again now. I just pasted my copied html text into a new post and it worked right as rain.


    Thank you Support and all those who helped :)

    It did work and I did manage to have insert all my images back :)



    EDIT : Typos are free of charge with me :p so excuse them …:D


    Same here. And when I tried to put the images back in my blog, my entire post was gone!!! Tried everything to recapture the text, but it was gone! I am very, very annoyed and trying to remember what I wrot. This is awful.


    I had spent a whole day researching and putting together a complex post with plenty of formatting and loads of links.

    Then suddenly, there they were – GONE!

    Knew I hadn’t done anything.

    WARNING – until they fix this – don’t go and add anything or even attempt to alter earlier posts and pages. I did that at another page, just to add in a weblink from a commenter. And that page too was messed up when I saved the update. No pictures and all the text aligned to the left, which I seldom do!


    Especially when WordPress has always been so relaiable.

    WordPress should send an e-mail to ALL their users to warn them not to touch their sites until it’s fixed. It’s time-consuming enough – this blogging business – without this.



    Yay, it iz workin’ for me :D



    it’s working now for me also

    If anybody is still having issues with the HTML format links & images
    then please send a support ticket to staff by using this link.

    Please provide as much detail as you possibly can to aid staff
    narrowing down the problem.



    Ugh. Mine is still a mess. Contacting support…

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