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All Images dissappeared from my last post

  1. vanallemarktenthuis

    Same here. And when I tried to put the images back in my blog, my entire post was gone!!! Tried everything to recapture the text, but it was gone! I am very, very annoyed and trying to remember what I wrot. This is awful.

  2. keeptonyblairforpm

    I had spent a whole day researching and putting together a complex post with plenty of formatting and loads of links.

    Then suddenly, there they were - GONE!

    Knew I hadn't done anything.

    WARNING - until they fix this - don't go and add anything or even attempt to alter earlier posts and pages. I did that at another page, just to add in a weblink from a commenter. And that page too was messed up when I saved the update. No pictures and all the text aligned to the left, which I seldom do!


    Especially when WordPress has always been so relaiable.

    WordPress should send an e-mail to ALL their users to warn them not to touch their sites until it's fixed. It's time-consuming enough - this blogging business - without this.

  3. Yay, it iz workin' for me :D

  4. it's working now for me also

    If anybody is still having issues with the HTML format links & images
    then please send a support ticket to staff by using this link.

    Please provide as much detail as you possibly can to aid staff
    narrowing down the problem.

  5. Ugh. Mine is still a mess. Contacting support...

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