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All Images Suddenly Disappearing from Blog

  1. Hi, all the images/photos on my blog have disappeared this morning, and been replaced with their filenames. My masthead image is down, too. This is happening on multiple computers. Could it be a WordPress server problem? I haven't been doing anything new. I am a photographer so I'm trying not to panic.

  2. This is happening on my blog as well: no images upload but the file name and some of the images I have already uploaded have only their file names where the images were. I'm waiting it out a while, hoping this is a WordPress quirk and it'll be fixed.

  3. Same here.

  4. mysteryofiniquity

    Ditto! What gives?

  5. yes, me too, but oddly, another site I work on that uses wordpress does not have the problem...

  6. Same here: no images, just filenames. Would be great to get a response, but I bet everyone's busy trying to get WordPress working again. Very frustrating for all of us---users and WordPress.

  7. Me too! My images hosted at wordpress are gone, but the one's I've referenced at my own server are there.... my very classy masthead is missing! puh-leeeze bring it back!

  8. Mine too!

  9. My header just disappeared? What happened? I tried to upload a new one but it comes back as a grey rectangle. ??? I use Firefox, but this wasn't happening before today. Also, the "No Comments" (edit) link aren't working either on the topmost entries, and I don't know why.

  10. Forgot to add ... this seems to affect Firefox but not IE.

  11. Same here -- no images... no header image... HELP!!??!!

  12. Me three. Come on WordPress. What the hey? -Evan

  13. Interesting: the little Avatar photo is still present. It must be in a different database than the other images. FWIW.

  14. Only 28 minutes from first report. Let's give them a little more time. :)

  15. Same here - images not appearing using both IE and Mozilla Firefox.

  16. It's happening with me, too. Although I see a lot of wordpress sites are fine. Odd.

  17. Oh... seems to be back up.

  18. It's not just Firefox. I checked my dashboard and uploads on Internet Explorer, and the images are all just file names there as well. I'm sure they'll fix it as soon as possible. I've had pretty good experience with WordPress support.

  19. Same here. Maybe a Server is down?

  20. My images are still MIA. I also can't replace the header image anymore-- comes up as a grey box instead.

  21. Yeah, I've had the same problem too. I bet they know about it and are already on it, though :)

  22. all my images from two blogs are gone too ........ sniff sniff.......

  23. They are working on it. Expect a response very soon.

    Remember, is cutting-edge blogging technology. It also serves as the "test" site for future WordPress versions, so you get to try it out and put it through the paces before full version WordPress users get a chance. There are sometimes glitches along the way, but they are few and work goes on round the clock.

  24. ditto...

  25. We are on the case and will have this fixed really soon - sorry!

  26. Forget what I said about it not affecting IE ... I cleared my IE cache and had the same problem.

  27. same here

    and on a day with a new cartoon.. argh.

  28. Mark: thank you! I just moved to wordpress, and am loving it so far!

  29. I have the same problem,no images just file names. I use IE and Firefox

  30. Mark - thank you indeed. You all do such a wonderful job here, and we often forget to say thank you for that. :)

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