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All Images Suddenly Disappearing from Blog

  1. It seems that suddenly the server that hosts the image files is not visible anymore: if you try to view an image, the URL is something like and the browser says the server cannot be found. I can't ping the server either, DNS says the name cannot be resolved.

  2. It's now fixed and working...for now. ;-)

  3. Yes big thanks.

  4. If you still can't see them, please do a forced reload of the page that you're looking at. CTRL-F5 on a PC.

  5. thanks for fixing. _EG

  6. I can't seem to upload a new image: I just get a big red X instead. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. And of course it had to happen when my Photobucket account is down as well.

  7. My images that I've uploaded through my blog are not showing up though the ones hosted from Flickr and Photobucket are. All the little avatar pictures on this page are just white squares with a little symbol in the upper left corner, except for the top one. Forced reloading isn't working.

    Thanks for working on the case, Mark -- I'm hoping it will be fixed by tomorrow.

  8. Please submit feedback with these problems (upper right hand corner of your blog's dashboard). We cannot get enough information from your posts in the forums to either diagnose or fix the problem. Thanks!

  9. Never mind, nothing to see here, move along...

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