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  1. Hello, I would like the All In One SEO Manager plugin installed to my blog. Can you please assist? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Plugins cannot be added to WordPress.COM blogs. You can only install external plugins on WordPress.ORG blogs:

  3. What do you mean plugins cannot be added to WordPress.COM? I have many plugins on my WordPress.COM site. Is there an All In One SEO plugin or SEO system for WordPress.COM sites?

  4. There is no FTP access to our free hosted blogs and we bloggers can't install any plugins for security reasons. Aside from Akismet, JetPack and sharedaddy we bloggers don't know which plugins Staff have installed across this platform.

    Also note that there is no upgrade you can purchase that allows FTP access and the ability to install plugins. Only those with installs can use their own selection of plugins

  5. Is there an All In One SEO plugin or SEO system for WordPress.COM sites?

    I tagged this thread for a response from Staff. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  6. The built in SEO features on far outstrip the All in ONe SEO plugin, which I had on my external blog and disabled. The day I disabled it, hits tripled. Don't bother with it.

  7. I had asimilar experience on my install, but the question asked remains unanswered:

    Is there an All In One SEO plugin or SEO system for WordPress.COM sites?

  8. What do you mean? It's answered: No, there is not. Use keywords.

  9. I know that and you know that but I think what's being asked is which SEO plugin is being used on the blogging platform.

  10. As forum volunteers already pointed out, plugins are not allowed on, so it means that you can't install All in One SEO on your blog.

    At the same time, a lot of extra features are available on, so that you don't have to worry about installing plugins. We handle SEO optimization for you. Beyond the normal optimizations like your sitemap, which you can view here:

    We also have a Global Tagging (Topics) system that search engines love and we ping out to all the major engines every time you update your blog.

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