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All in SEO pack

  1. Hi - is it possible to add the All in SEO pack to a non-premium WP site? Or do I have to go premium in order to add plug-ins?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. A premium upgrade will not allow you to add plugins on blogs / sites hosted for free here on

    If you want plugins, then you'll need to find paid host, buy a domain name, and download software. You will then be responsible for any and everything that goes wrong on the site.

    Here are details about the different flavors of WordPress:

  3. Hello:
    I wonder, why I canĀ“t find plug-in bottom in my blog and how I can upload or get All in one SEO Pack?
    The blog I need help is: (I have my own domain
    Thank you for your full information.


    Thank you for your full information.


  4. Hi there, your site is hosted by, regardless that you have your own custom domain.

    The answer that 1tess gave just above applies to you, too.

  5. Hello:
    If I have my domain at and my blog host by can I upload plug in? Can I use All in SEO pack?
    If is not, how I can optimize my blog in SEO?



  6. No.
    You are hosted by and all the regulations rules and terms of service still apply. takes care of the SEO for us. You can increase traffic by following some of these suggestions on threads from this forum tag:
    (see especially posts from timethief)

  7. And this is a very good post that explains all you need to know about SEO and traffic building on

  8. Thank you, very helpful!

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