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All internal links from one page to another now go to end of page

  1. windagainstcurrent

    As of a couple of hours ago, seemingly, all links within the blog that link from one page to another (even such links as "read more -->") redirect to the end of the page rather than to the beginning, as they have always done previously? Did WordPress just change some global setting or other? In any case, it's really frustrating.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm using Firefox 10 and the continue reading links in your posts on the front page work for me. Maybe you have a browser issue.

  3. windagainstcurrent

    Yes, my further investigation has also suggested a browser issue of some kind. I am also using Firefox 10. It happens only when I am logged into WordPress, not otherwise. Happens with many (not all) other WordPress blogs too. Does not happen with IE. So, not directly a WordPress issue. Thanks for your help!

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. The same thing is happening to me, but I'm on Safari, (with the most recent updates).

  6. windagainstcurrent

    Yes. It's a browser issue, but I guess WordPress changed something just this past day to make the browser-Wordpress interaction happen. For instance, just now, on another computer with an older version of Firefox, the problem wasn't initially occurring. But even though I was logged in and could see the statistics of my own blog, I wasn't logged in to post a comment---which has never happened before. The problem wasn't occurring then. As soon as I logged in again to post a comment, the problem kicked in. Links now point not the top of pages, but to some indeterminate point further down.

  7. Read more links do not take someone to the top of a post page. They take them to the location of the read more tag so they can continue reading from where they left off on the main page. That is what I'm seeing on your site in FF 10, Opera and in Safari. There is a slight difference in where you land depending on whether you are logged in or not (the difference being the height of the admin bar at the top of the page when logged in).

  8. windagainstcurrent

    Yes, of course. But now the links (not just the read more links, but all links to any post) take me to the comments at the bottom, or in longer posts to somewhere in the middle of the post, so I always have to scroll all the way back up.

  9. windagainstcurrent

    Basically, there is a dependence on whether I am logged in or not, and now two separate logins have appeared that I never saw before...

  10. I checked each post on your main page that had a "read more" both while logged in and logged out in Safari, Opera, Firefox 10 and I even started up Chrome (which I despise). There was one post that didn't go exactly to the read more location and ended up at about 1/2 way through the image prior to the read more. Other than that, everything worked as it was expected.

    ** Safari logged in or logged out, no difference (except for the 28px difference due to the admin bar.

    ** Opera logged in or logged out, no difference (except for the 28px difference due to the admin bar.

    ** Firefox 10 logged in or logged out, no difference (except for the 28px difference due to the admin bar.

    ** Chrome logged in or logged out, no difference (except for the 28px difference due to the admin bar.

  11. windagainstcurrent

    I totally believe you! But it's not what I get. For instance, clicking on this link, or pasting it into a new window:
    lands me almost at the end of the comments. Actually it goes to the beginning of the post for a second and then immediately jumps to the end...

  12. I have been having exactly the same problem, for exactly the same amount of time, and with the same results when I log in and out. I'd appreciate some help with this issue as well.

  13. What browser and browser version are you having this issue with? Have you tried any other browsers to see if it also happens in a different browser?

  14. This effect occurs when I use Firefox. I tried again with Safari and did not experience the problem.

  15. Interesting. I can't reproduce this in Firefox either logged in or logged out. FF 10 on my Mac works fine either way.

  16. Two people experiencing it is enough for me. There has to be something going on. I'll tag this for staff attention and hopefully one of them will drop by in a little and take a look.

  17. windagainstcurrent

    The problem seems to have fixed itself, or been fixed, as of this morning. Thanks, everybody!

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