All italicized words disappear

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    I use the Twenty Ten template.

    The primary blog I post on is thefundraisingcoach though I have a few others I have created on this account.

    In thefundraisingcoach blog, every time I select a text to italicize, font changes to italic in the visual editing view and in the html view insert the standard text. coding. However, all italicized text disappears when previewed or published. That is not the case with bold or bold italics. Those functions seem to work fine.

    I tried this on other blog under the same account. In those blogs, the italics function seems to work correction. Only on thefundraisingcoach blog do the italicized words disappear.

    The first thing that comes to mind is that there is come CSS customization that is creating the problem. The CSS edits on this blog are listed below. But I don’t see anything in those codes that would cause italicized words to disappear.

    Can anyone help?

    BELOW: CSS customization code on

    .format-gallery .size-thumbnail img,.category-gallery .size-thumbnail img {
    border:0 solid #fff;
    .home .entry-content p {
    .entry-utility {
    .entry-content p em {

    The blog I need help with is


    This is the part of your custom CSS that’s making the italicized text disappear:

    .entry-content p em {

    You should remove “display:none” from that selector.

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