all layout is gone, whole site just in html

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    Hello guys,
    i checked my blog after long time. I am a newbie, and i really have no idea what happend. The whole site, user and reader-areas are shown in a kind of html. I have no formated dashboard, and its not possible to change the theme. Checked(and cleaned cache) in chrome, explorer and mozilla all the same. Updated java and flash no change.

    I have no idea what is going on and I need help. Can some one give me a hint, an idea where to search or read, or what to do?

    Thanks Holger

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there. The site, appears to work fine for me. Is this the site you are referring to?


    Yes thats the one. So it has to be my firewall?
    That ist the way i see it:


    It could be your firewall, or you could try clearing Firefox’s cache. Have you tried viewing it with another browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer?


    Yes, i did like i wrote above. I also deaktivated adblock. nothing changed.


    Then it sounds like something on your end. and your site are both working fine for me.


    just checked the firewall. seems to me like everything is fine with the rules. Do you have any other ideas, suggestions or hints?


    If it’s not your browser, or your firewall, the only thing left could be something with your internet connection. You could try resetting your Router or cable/dsl modem. Other than that I have no idea.



    Could you test these links and let us know if you can access them? What you should see is a bunch of text (CSS actually). If you can access some, but not all, let us know which you cannot access.

    Might be an ISP issue – sometimes they will block files – worth asking them if they are blocking any files – the above files are the CSS files to make your blog look nice – if any of them are blocked you will have trouble


    Couldn’t open any of those links. Server can not be found. ; -(
    What does trouble mean?


    This means that the files necessary for the styles (design) of the pages are not being read by your browser. As auxclass mentioned, sometimes your ISP might block the servers that these files are on. Please contact your ISP to find out what’s going on.



    Something is blocking access to those files – Firewall, ISP, Router, Anti-virus etc. – you need to sift through the options – note the and not the

    – so also double check the Firewall software


    That is really trouble. I am in Indonesia for a while and using an new Indonesian provider. There is no really online support. Will go to the office where i did by this package.

    Thanks guys


    Hmm, I seem to remember in the past that Indonesia sometimes has a Great Firewall that blocks some internet access to websites outside of Indonesia (similar to that in China). Perhaps this is what is affecting it.



    I have collected some ways to solve such “firewall”/censorship problems in the German support forum:

    Kind regards


    Hey guys, everything is going well again. Probably it was my provider who was blocking the site.

    Thank you all

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