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All links defaulting to

  1. My title and any page I create is getting linked to or instead of or

    I'm a newbie on this, but wasn't born yesterday.

  2. Can we get a link to this please so we can see it? I can delete the link afterwards if you want.

    You're not forgetting the 'http://' bit, are you?

    Which editor are you using? (Does it have the icons along the top of the html codes?)

  3. Dr Mike probably has your solution: when you want to put in a link, WordPress automatically inserts the http:// part for you, and if you don't delete it the darn thing just links back to your blog.

  4. But why would it be going back to Rather strange...

  5. I learned that within a week of being here. Dunno why. Dunneed to know why. It just does when you add the extra http/.

  6. Hi, I'm having a similar problem. All of my internal links and the link to view my site on my dashboard all link to

    How do I fix this?

    I also have another blog with the same username, and it doesn't have this problem. (

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