All my comments are going to Spam?

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    Hi. Ever since I’ve started with WordPress (.com), all of my comments seem to be going to spam. I’ve tried checked all of the blacklists (I made sure their empty), and unticked the boxes so that they don’t need moderation, along with various other settings. Yet all of the comments that are made on my site are going to spam, and its a little infuriating at times. Could somebody please have a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    Please contact our Akismet Staff directly



    Yet all of the comments that are made on my site are going to spam,

    I left a comment on the We Changed Post on your site and it seemed to work OK – my site gets almost 100 spam comments a day (small by many standards) and almost all of them go straight into the spam deleted area and I don’t even see them – and maybe one real comment every 4,000+ page views or so – have you looked at the comments? maybe they are actually spam?

    There is a setting to ask for spam not to be deleted in Settings someplace – I tried it for two days once – very rude experience at the extra work – be careful however -spammers are getting better every day



    I’ve been with WordPress for a number of years and no problems, but today I’ve found out that my comments are going directly to spam. Why? It’s very distressing as I do a lot of commenting and it’s an integral part of the blogging process on here. Some people delete spam without checking so friend might not be aware of my comment at all.


    I’m having this exact same issue. I’d had no problems until a couple of days ago but now all of my comments on other blogs are being flagged as spam for some reason. Anyone with an idea on why or how to rectify the problem?


    I’m having the same problem – I’ve been leaving comments (whilst being logged into my wordpress blog) on other blogs that I’ve been following previously and have commented on previously and suddenly my comments are going into their spam folder. Why is this happening?? Very frustrating.



    Read the sticky post at the head of the forums please.
    Please contact our Akismet Staff directly


    I was having this problem about a week ago, and it was successfully solved under the heading “A possible reason Akismet is filtering comments as spam?” or words close to that. But yesterday I had to post to that thread again, because once again when I made a comment on one site (but not on another) yesterday, I got the “sorry, this comment cannot be posted” message. As I lengthily described in “A possible reason,” I went back in a second time and posted the comment successfully, but I don’t want to have to continue doing so. Though forum rules prohibit me from mentioning what the site was specifically that I had trouble with, I can tell you that it does one thing that I’ve never seen on any other site. After you type your remark and are ready to hit the “post comment” button, as your cursor hovers over the button before hitting, there appears a little “balloon” remark that says “Really Simple Sindication” or “Really Simple Syndication” or something like that. I don’t know if there are more sites like it, but it is a very popular site. Maybe that is something to be aware of? In any case, I haven’t received any response to my forum post of yesterday. I’m willing to be patient, but when the issue was resolved for the first time, the happiness engineer who resolved it asked if the comment “you are commenting on your account” appeared when I posted. Sometimes, it does; I can’t be sure that it did in every instance, however. Is this any help? I really don’t want to be dealing with the problem again, so I’m reporting it on this thread hoping to achieve final resolution. Thanks.



    Blogging is becoming a real nightmare. I have been told that many of my comments on other blogger’s posts have been going to spam. I have reported this to akismet, but have received no response. Frequently, but not always, I get a message that I cannot comment at this time. Another problem is that the like button sometimes seems to be unavailable (still loading). Yet another problem is that sometimes I cannot open a post from my reader. I think that the message suggests that the server might be busy.

    I know that I am not alone with these problems.

    Whatever the problem is, it is making blogging a nightmare. Can someone please sort it out before I am forced to give up blogging or move to a new platform.

    My blog is at


    Hi, bananabatman. I’m a total dufus when it comes to computers, but when I saw the sticky post at the top of the forums about comments going to spam, I instantly wrote to Akismet with a query, as requested. A little later, a bit tired of waiting, since every time I tried to post I got the “Sorry, this comment cannot be posted” message first, and then had to cancel the remark with the little “x” in the subject box on the browser line (not the browser itself) and then re-write the comment to get it to “take,” I wrote to forums directly. They actually responded first. A very good and attentive Happiness Engineer helped me for two or three days to get my site back on working properly. Two days later, Akismet responded, asking for a full report of what my problem was. I naturally made a report but told them that had satisfactorily resolved the issue. Now, suddenly, I’m having the same problem all over again when commenting on at least one site, maybe more. My inkling is that you will have better luck with trying to solve your problem than Akismet, or at least that will respond with possible solutions faster (note: things seem a little slower on weekends sometimes, and I’ve been told to be patient). Though all the “Happiness Engineers” are good, the one who gave me so much help was rachelmcr and also among members who’ve helped me in the past, timethief and raincoaster have helped a lot. If you can find my post to forums and the attached thread called “A possible reason Akismet may be filtering comments as spam?” first posted to forum on 7/18, you might be able to run through the tests on your own site that rachelmcr had me to do on mine. I don’t know if it’ll help this time, but it’s worth a try, and gives you something to do while you wait to hear from someone better versed than I.



    Thank you shadowoperator. I think that I am going to have to be patient. My brain is not up to doing too much investigation. As so many people are suffering similar/identical problems, I can’t really believe that it is my site that is at fault.



    Who said you site was at fault? Please follow the instructions Staff provided. Read the sticky post at the head of the forums please.
    Please contact our Akismet Staff directly


    When I went to just to report the one site I had trouble posting on today (as it has turned out since I commented this morning above, it’s only a problem on the one site just now), they told me I had to get my own Akismet account and that I didn’t have one. I thought I had automatic Akismet protection for my site just by being on I can’t afford to pay for another service, if it costs anything, and if my spam is being correctly filtered already on, I don’t want one. Is now requiring that all clients have a personal Akismet site? When I went onto Akismet a few days ago, they didn’t require any information except enough to see if they could fix the problem, which since had already fixed it, I told them was resolved. What’s up? Thanks.



    they told me I had to get my own Akismet account and that I didn’t have one. I thought I had automatic Akismet protection for my site just by being on

    All blogs are equipped with Akismet free of charge.
    It appears you did not clearly state what the blog URL was and that it is free hosted by

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