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  1. Created a new blog yesterday and I'm encountering this problem as well! Please try to get it up and running REALLY SOON! Thanks! (

  2. I have the same problem, my blog

    Thanks !!

  3. I'm noticing this all happened the same day as their new "Customize Theme" feature launched. It's noteworthy, because when I try to customize my theme, the preview window is totally blank. I'm guessing this is related somehow. I wish they would confirm or deny that, or at least offer some kind of acknowledgement that there's a problem, but looking at everything, that's the only thing I can think of.

  4. I did confirm that it was a problem, quite a few replies ago.

    We'll update this thread when it's fixed.

  5. Thank you for letting us know and for working on getting the problem fixed. :)

  6. Sorry, didn't see that. The rate this thing is updating, it's hard to keep track. Thanks for your work!

  7. My blog is working! Yeah, thanks!

  8. I have the same problem, please help!

  9. This is happening to me too! Please help.


  10. Having the same problem with the blog I created last night as well.

  11. Tengo el mismo problema.

  12. violettamuselli

    I am having the same issue and it started yesterday morning! That is nearly 24 hours. Can we have an update?


  13. Working now, thanks macmanx

  14. Thanks so much for fixing the problem!

  15. I have also this problem. Can you fix my website too?

  16. Sorry for the trouble!

    We identified and corrected the issue. The affected blogs are each being fixed individually.

    If yours has not been fixed yet, it should be in a few hours.

  17. margaretwcurran

    I'm having the same problem!

  18. derekbeattieimages

    Same problem with blog I created yesterday.

  19. Thanks for your help macmanx. My blog is, looking forward to getting it fixed!

  20. ecoandaluciaweb

    My problem is fixed. Thanks!!

  21. ecoandaluciaweb

    My problem was fixed for a while. But five minutes later the blog fails again. I must be patient :)

  22. My problem is fixed. thank you!

  23. tomastraveltrips

    I must be patient... thank you for job, I hope that the error be destroyed forever ^^

  24. thisthepodcast

    My blog is still affected, but I want to thank the folks at WordPress for being communicative and for figuring out the problem.

    I'm hoping that doesn't sound sarcastic, because it's not. Damned internet, it's impossible to convey sincerity!

  25. Still having the problem ! but thanks for the quick response though

  26. I'm having this issue on the following blog:

    Thank you!

  27. I still have this problem but sincere thanks to WP staff for working on the problem and keeping us informed.

  28. Do we need to tell you which blogs are affected ?

    If so mine is

  29. Yes.

  30. We are already aware of all affected blogs, so there's no need to post additional ones.

    As mentioned, if yours has not been fixed yet, it should be in a few hours.

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