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All my links point to the "signup" page

  1. same here- infuriating!
    so it's been going on for 2 days and no one solved it yet??

  2. I'm still having the problem on the following blog:


  3. Same problem on

  4. I'm having the same problem, can someone help me?

    Thank you!

  5. Just want to report that our problem seems to be fixed.
    I can now click on the left link to the our blog and it takes me to the home page.
    I've also been able to create an about page and the links for that work.

    Continuing issue with Facebook however. I tried to create a link to my new blog home page but the wrong url from yesterday is still showing up. It does work if I use the about page however. So weird....

  6. Thanks timetheif for the link over to this forum. I'm having the same problem too, macmanx. I look forward to your help and thanks in advance :)

  7. I'm having the same problem, and it hasn't been fixed yet on my page. I'm just starting to build it, but every time I click on "About" I get to the WP home page with a notice that says "invalid activation key." [same as everyone on this thread, I guess...]
    Glad to know I'm not doing something wrong, last night while going in circles I felt like an idiot b/c Word Press is supposed to be soooo easy...;-p
    Hope it's resolved pronto, b/c I want to launch ASAP!

  8. jessicalrhodes

    Same problem, every time I try to click view on the dashboard I get the signup page.

    For anyone who wants to read my blog lol it's :) hope this gets fixed!!!

  9. Still nothing..... :(

  10. vanessaparadisbrasil

    Still nothing..... :( [2]

  11. Same thing :(

  12. Same problem for me :( all my links my profile my comments all lead to the sign in page please help thank you.

  13. I understand that you have to fix each blog individually when it comes to this problem but I'm quickly approaching twenty-four hours that this problem has been occurring on my blog and I am just wondering if it's going to be fixed soon? It's frustrating to read "in a few hours" and it's been much longer than that.

  14. I would really appreciate it, if this problem would get fixed soon on my blog. After a few plays planning, I'm dying for it to get started.

  15. I as well have this issue! I just started my blog, and would love if this could be fixed! thank you!

  16. I can't preview my posts because all I get is the sign up page...all my links are going there too. Do they have someone working on this issue? Any ETA?

  17. Yay! Mine is working. Thank you WP staff for fixing it! :)

  18. I'm having the same problem as well. Thanks!

  19. Looks like our site is fixed but the RSS feed it still showing "signup"

  20. Still same.... still waiting.... patience anakin...

  21. I am still having the problem with wish there was some time table on the fix. I know it is all free accounts with problems so not a priority but it certainly makes their paid level a tough sell if we aren't confident in the support available.

  22. I am still having this problem with my (new) blog -

  23. still got problems :/ 2 days :/

  24. Ageed with fireezdragon. Was considering purchasing the paid package but it makes me wonder if the support is the same i cant afford to have a down time of 2 days.

  25. Hi! My blog is still having this redirection problem. It is quite annoying, but it seems like you guys have the cure!

    my blog is

  26. Well, it WAS working. Back to "signup" links. Sigh...

  27. I'm wondering, is there someone who's pages has been fixed?
    My Qu is... Do the newly created pages, so the ones that were redirected to the signup now working correctly or do you have to create all the page again?


  28. it was working, now back again to same problem, I am losing patience and confidence

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