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All my links point to the "signup" page

  1. I am having the same problem, every link and option on my navigation bar leads to "Invalid activation key."

    I am also unsure how to designate a post to a specific section, but that could be because I can't test it due to the above mentioned problem.

    My blog is

    Please get back to me!

  2. thoughtsofachristiangirl
    Member this is my new blog that keeps getting linked back to your signup page

  3. I know it must be annoying to have to deal with all of these individually, and I hate to clog up the feed for the support folks, but I need to make sure that my site's on the fixing block:

    Best of luck in all the hard work I know you're doing.

  4. I'm still having the problem on the following blog:


  5. Hi I just started using WordPress and Im in wanting to just setup a test getting an idea for something greater. But when clicking anything i get this error.

  6. I'm having the same problem that I posted on a different string.


    Yes, I know I've used all caps. This is ridiculous! What horrible customer service.

  8. my blog is still affected

  9. I have the same problem with my blog ... please help!

  10. Moved to blogger because of the lack of help and support from wordpress...

    I used this to help me

  11. I've posted on another string, but don't want to risk the staff missing it since they have to fix each blog individually. I'm having the same problem with my new blog for a class project. Too bad the deadline is tonight. Doesn't look like I'll make it.

  12. are we all going to have to move? can we have a definite date on when this will be fixed please?

  13. I am also having issues with my blog:

  14. Will this be fixed? Mine is still not working.

  15. It would indeed be very helpful if you can let us know when the problem will be fixed. Saying a" couple of hours" for a couple of days is frustrating - any thoughts as to when you will be able to repair this?


  16. I'm having the same problem.
    I started yesterday and would love some advice on my blogs!

    so please check me out:

  17. Yeah I'm still having the issue as well.

  18. I'm still having the problem on the following blog...

    Please help.


  19. lifeloveandmoi

    i hate to be annoying as well but i am having the same issue with my new blog for over 24 hours....

    just putting the name out there so it can be on a list to be fixed. thanks!

  20. Mine still isn't up and running either.

  21. Looks like this problem occured for blogs created on Jul 18th. I got one, too. Better wait, hope they'll fix it real soon.

  22. I'm having the same issue with

  23. morrisandsonsteam

  24. They said the problem would be fixed without a few hours, but it has now been several hours and I am still seeing an invalid activation key error when I try to view any page on my site which is PLEASE HELP

  25. Mine's fixed. Thank you!!

  26. Me too. Every Link on my page=
    goes to the signup page and shows "inactivation key" displayed.

    Noone can comment/blog on my page either. After typing a comment and hitting Submit the page goes to the "signup" page. I checked my emails and the Feedback in my dashboard, and nothing, no comments, nothing there?

    Please tell me how to fix this bug.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you in advance,

  27. Hi, my blog is having the same problem since yesterday:

  28. Hi, my blog is having the same problem since yesterday:


  29. My blog seems to be fixed now. Thanks.

  30. My blog is also not working.

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