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All my posts get "missed Schedule"

  1. Hi!
    I like to schedule my posts but none of them ever gets posted, they always get the "missed schedule" notice next to them and i have to manually update the post for it to get posted.
    I have checked all the troubleshootings in the guides (timezones, clicking ok, having someone visit the site etc).
    I have no plug-ins or anything, simple blog (site is it's in swedish).

    Appriciate any help.
    Blog url:

  2. cwcharlestonms

    Our blog has been doing the exact same thing - all posts are "missed schedule" and I have tried troubleshooting as well.

    I'd love help with this, since we'd like to schedule at least 3 posts a week.

  3. @imonei
    I flagged this thread for Staff attention. They need the URLs of the posts that were not published when scheduled.

  4. yourblacksburgbackyard

    Same is happening to me and I really need an answer. Numerous posts that were scheduled just say 'missed schedule' instead.

  5. @timethief here's a fresh one that i havent manually updated

    should have been published 12 min ago

  6. @imonei
    We Volunteers cannot help with this issue -- only Staff can. I flagged this thread for Staff attention yesterday and someone removed the modlook tag. I just put it up again.

  7. We are looking into the issue, sorry for the trouble!

  8. Thank you @macmanx !
    Really hope you can get a swift response (as you have helped others with this in the past)

  9. Sorry to double post (can't edit previous)

    URL to my test post is:
    OR perhaps the preview is needed....

    This post will remain active and unchanged for testing and resolution purposes, unless advised otherwise

    I will see what happens in 1 hr when schedule hits...

  10. onemovieeachday

    I am having the same issue.

    I always post for odd times.

    I've tried varying lengths.
    I've tried varying scheduled delay, from minutes to hours.
    I've tried including/excluding media.

    It's always the same.

    It's always "Missed Schedule".

    FWIW I paid for the premium bundle at signup.

  11. onemovieeachday

    I'm also sorry for the double post.

    My blog is:

    An example is

  12. Hi

    I am facing missed schedule issues too with my posts.

    My blog is:

    Example of the missed post is:


  13. maintainradiosilence


    Thurs. June 26 I successfully published a few posts. The next day I tried to run a few more posts and all three of them "Missed Schedule."

    My blog (it's set to private):


    Thank you!

  14. Hi everyone

    I'd just like to report that my blog has been fixed
    In the last 3 days, (while I was absent from updating/checking) a post that was scheduled and missed, then got published

    Today I have made a new post that was scheduled in future, and it too published on time (visited from another browser not logged into wordpress)

    Hope everyone else has scheduling working soon (and no further hiccups)

  15. maintainradiosilence

    My posts were finally published as well.

    I'm currently trying a series of test posts, 15 minutes apart. They're working so far - weird thing is that the most recent post scheduled for 8am published just fine but is marked as a "missed post" in the log.

  16. maintainradiosilence

    Looks like it was just delayed by a few minutes but then published - the error message went away after i refreshed.

    I'm curious about what's going on?!?

  17. Hi mine is still getting missed. Todays post didnt happen. Ok so what happens now? Isnt someone from wordpress supposed to be helping us out? Thanks

  18. brittskrabanek

    Hello. I have been having the same issue with my blog over the past month. Before that I was able to schedule ahead of time without any issues. I have been deleting my scheduled posts and reposting immediately instead.

    My blog is

    I would appreciate any help with this as I miss my post scheduler. I do not have any post examples in the missed schedule section currently as I have deleted them already. Please let me know if there is anything further I need to do.

    Thank you!

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