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All my posts have disappeared from the tags/categories

  1. I just discovered that my posts are not published any more in the tags and my past posts have entirely disappeared from the categories/tags. Please could you help. Thank you!

  2. try this-
    go to settings, and change your language default to a different language, and save it. then change it back, and save it again. see if you don't show back up in tags. there is a bug at the moment that they are working on and this is the current work around.

  3. Yippee - it worked perfectly! Thank you so much for the quick response! vyala

  4. With me it' didn't work... I'm so sad!

  5. Now it's ok! I had to log off and log on again.

  6. Hi, we had the same problem with all our posts and we were really shocked... :(
    But few minutes ago I read this topic and we tried to do how suggested..and...yeeeessss !!! It worked perfectly! :D
    Thank you so much "dissfunktional" :)

  7. Had the same problem and solution worked. Only drawback is I'm no longer featured blog in any of the categories.

  8. Cool !

    This worked for me, Dissfunktional. Such an odd problem!

  9. I tried it, but this "fix" did not seem to work for me. My posts have all seemed to disappear from the tags categories.

    I tried changing the language a couple of times, and logged on/logged off as well.

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