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All my posts have vanished!

  1. All of my posts have disappeared from my blog!

    What on Earth is going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same here. Help!!

  3. I too have gone to my WordPress blog to find the top page posts are not there. This is the second time recently I found this. When I choose a subsidiary page, its contents are visible, but when I return to the top, there are still no posts at all!

  4. Same here.

  5. Ditto. 2 years of posts have gone although comments are visible

  6. sonlightpicturesblog

    same happened to me too.

  7. same problem here!!!

  8. Home page is MIA Dashboard still there. The quirk occurred when I responded to a comment from the Post section and not the comment section in the dashboard.

  9. @gm4style
    On the site linked to your username, all of your posts are visible. Are you talking about another site? If so, then please post a live link, starting with http://

  10. My posts are visible from specific links to each item, but not from the home page.

  11. I'm having the same problem. I have the Dashboard but the actual posts that the public views are missing!

    What's going on?

  12. michigannature

    We're having the same problem! Anyone know what is going on?

  13. Yay!! Things are back up! Thanks.

  14. Crap! Now it's gone again. Forget the thanks.

  15. @hell0g0rge0us,
    Please provide a link to the site you are asking about, starting with http:// does not exist

    The site linked to your username is not a site. Please provide a link.

  16. Same here, posts gone:

  17. sonlightpicturesblog

  18. moderator, mine are also missing.

  19. sorry, the link didn't work.

  20. Mine are also missing.

  21. My blog is available at:

  22. michigannature

  23. Thank you for the links. I have notified staff and we'll hope for a quick resolution.

    So far I'm seeing that Connections and Black Letterhead are affected.

  24. I'm in the same boat. All of my posts are gone when going to my site.

    Last week, drafts disappeared, now all posts have disappeared. This is not a good sign for WordPress. I hope that you guys are able to get this fixed immediately.

  25. Yup...same here. And on the day i was having people vote for my stie for an online award. Thanks WordPress.

  26. All my posts have disappeared.

  27. Me too, posts just gone! I'm using Connections as well. Thanks for looking into this. I'm

  28. yes, all of my posts are missing also. i am glad I am not alone.

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