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All my posts have vanished!

  1. @blackcampbell

    Just a suggestion, because I'm a fellow blogger and not staff. But if you are having folks vote for your site, what happens if you temporarily change to another theme?

    As I noted both Black Letterhead and Connections are affected by this problem and so far those are the only two themes with this bad trouble.

  2. 1tess (moderator),
    My blog site is at
    Thanks for anything you can do to get my site back up and running

  3. Mine are gone too. I use the Connections theme.

    All of the posts are gone off of the main page. The dashboard is still functioning.
    Thank you.

  5. rileysrandomreview

    My posts are also missing on the homepage - it looks like a majority, though not all, of the people posting are using the Black-Letterhead theme by Ulysses Ronquillo. Maybe that has something to do with it?

  6. Mine are gone too. 7+ yrs, 3000+ posts. There's not even a support form to contact staff - all we have is a forum?

  7. Yikes... and I soooo luv black letter head! Hope it comes back soon :(

  8. albertaroamers

    My Home Page is empty as well ... tho' content on the rest of the pages is still there. The list of posts I've made is still visible and I can go in and edit them. However, when I click View Post or go to website directly, nada, zip nothing.

    Yup, inconvenient and initially scary as hell but I now know it's not just me. Thanks in advance to WP. I know that everyone there is working on this and will have us up and running as soon as possible. Thanks all. A most exciting start to the day :-)


  9. same here. I can see them in the dashboard, but they're not showing up on the published blog.

  10. talesfromthelou

    Same here. It shows the lists but not the posts. What is going On ?

  11. Just changed themes. Everything is back.

  12. Hi, I have just logged in to my blog and found the same issue. Please can we have an update on the status on resolution?

  13. rechtsgeschiedenis

    While waiting for a solution you might just try to create an export of your blog (Tools --> Export). I did so today when my posts disappeared, and luckily the backup is complete, including my latest draft. I try to remember making a backup at least once a week. The media at my blog seem to be unharmed by this trouble. In the online theme showcases of both the Connections and Blackhead themes, too, do not function right now.

  14. Oh, yeah, all me posts av gone....

    Please help

  15. I use the Connections theme

  16. Connections theme:


    Using Black Letterhead theme.

  18. cursemymetalbody


    I'm having the same issue, very frustrating - hope there's a solution soon.

    Not sure if it matters, but I'm using the Connections theme.

  19. @rechtsgeschiedenis

    In the online theme showcases of both the Connections and Blackhead themes, too, do not function right now.

    That's very interesting. Staff has been contacted, but if the tech folks work on California time, it is still quite early there. We'll hope they grab a quick cup of coffee and solve the problem soon.

  20. pertanianselangor

  21. talesfromthelou

    OK, so we are all experiencing the same problem. Looks like the problem is coming from WP.

  22. Hehehe... a rocket scientist :)

  23. patriciakirsch

    I'm using the Black Letterhead theme and all my posts are gone.

  24. tomeoftheancient

  25. All my posts are gone, does anyone know why????

  26. Add me to the list. Sure hope all my posts are not gone!!!

  27. islamandchristianity

    SAME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any help anyone???

    I've lost all my posts on http://TheAuthenticBase.Wordpress.Com.

    Its weird coz all my other logs r perfectly fine!!!


    Ya Rabbi!

  28. islamandchristianity

    Im using Black-LettereHead aswell..... Is that why its down?

  29. It would be nice to get some customer support from WordPress on this, since it is clearly a problem they have generated...

  30. Not sure why Black Letter Head and Connections are affected, but one of my regular visitors just posted a comment saying she's able to see the posts.

    It also looks like the posts are visible through my mobile phone.

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