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All my posts on my front page and font messed up

  1. I got all my posts on my front page instead of the usual 10. The font size starts to get bigger and bold after the 7th post. My settings seem to be correct and I can't find why. Could you give me some advice please?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Let me guess. You are using Bueno, right?

  3. Yes, I am.

  4. Staff have introduced “infinite scroll” to some themes including Bueno and will be implementing it on all themes that have a suitable structure for infinite scroll.

    As Bueno is a theme with footer widgets you can use a workaround to regain control over how many posts are displayed on the front page of your blog. If you have a theme with footer widgets all you need to do is install an empty text widget into any footer area for widgets. Once you have done that your number of posts set on the Settings > Reading page will prevail.

  5. Thanks, it limits the number of posts on my front page. However, I'm still having the same problem with the font of the remaining posts once I click on "load my posts". Do you know why this is happening?

  6. I believe that Staff may have accidentally caused this. The bootm line is that Bueno has a problem now that only Staff can fix. The fonts in titles have become very large. Staff are not available until Monday.
    bueno >
    infinite scroll >
    infinite scrolling >
    disable infinite scrolling >

  7. Thanks for clarifying this. So I suppose will be notified of this issue.

  8. timethief is correct, there was a bug introduced into the Bueno theme on 3/17 and it was fixed on 3/19. Sorry for the trouble!!

    If you're still having any trouble with Bueno, please let us know here or post at

  9. Yes, it's sorted. Thanks for the update.

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