all my uploaded images dissapeared

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    Today, I checked my blog and all the pictures failed to appear. when i checked my media library, they’re all still there yet when clicked them the preview did not show anything. When I tried to see the preview by directly going to the url of the image what i got is

    404-not found

    I’m baffled by it. any solution guys?

    my blog is

    thanks, Lawrence

    p.s Also when i tried to upload new image the same thing happened. the upload was succesful but no image in preview and when i go to the URL i got the same 4-0-4 not found message.

    The blog I need help with is



    Everything seems to be fine here. Can you please give us a specific link that’s returning a 404 for you?


    Thanks for the reply.
    I checked my blog again and everything is fine too. I really don’t know what happened earlier. Anyway, onceagain Thank You.




    You’re welcome!

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