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All my widgets have disappeared

  1. All my widgets have suddenly disappeared, for no reason. Is there some kind of going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And on my widgets page it says that my side bars are "inactive". What is going on?

  3. I haven't a clue. But if you check the live demo site page and it's changed then that means Staff are working on the theme template.

    I'll tag this thread for a Themes Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  4. Thanks for your quick response! :)
    I've checked the link of the theme template you've sent me and the widgets are visible there. I've tried putting some of my widgets back but they still won't appear and the same message says that my side bars are not available.

  5. My widgets have all suddenly disappeared as well, and the majority are custom-created. Using the Piano Black theme. What is this about?

  6. I hope your widgets will be back soon!
    I realised a couple of my older now inactive widgets were back on my blog, so it look like my widget spaces are working again and have just gone back and redone ALL of them!

  7. @papayapieces

    Thanks! I'll be waiting on an answer, as this sort of wipe-out is really unacceptable. Creating those widgets took an enormous amount of time.

  8. There was once a time that I had plenty of image widgets especially designed with texts in them (then removed them and changed to my current ones), so yes I can relate!

  9. also just had its widgets/sidebar do a vanishing act. I found them all stored as "inactive" and restored them one at a time -- but what is going on?

  10. Add me to that list of disappeared widgets. I have been trying over and over to re-add them, but I only get one option per Widget area.

    I don't know if this is connected, but I lost them after I was trying out some new themes.

    Thanks for any help and info ASAP.

  11. Just got mine back - I went into the widgets page, to screen options (top right page) and clicked on the accessibility mode. This allowed me to do the drag and drop method into the primary widget area, which allowed me to place all I wanted into that area. With the earlier problem, when I tried to replace the missing widgets, I could only place one widget per widget area.

  12. Is everyone back to normal now?

    the same message says that my side bars are not available.

    If this happens again to anyone else, could you please take a screenshot of the entire page where you're seeing this message, so I can have a closer look?

    Here's a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you're not sure:

    You can upload the screenshot - in a graphic format like JPG, PNG, or PDF - in your Media Library so I can see it. Thanks.

  13. @kathrynwp

    Much like @robynII111, my widgets also disappeared yesterday after previewing another theme. After stitching all the widgets back together, I unfortunately took a look at another theme today and -- bingo! -- the widgets were gone again.

    So there's the problem. Preview at your own peril!

  14. Lidia - I'm sorry that happened to you. :-(

    I'm going to have a look at this now.

    When you say you "previewed" a theme, did you actually switch themes?

  15. Lidia - I haven't been able to replicate this. I went to Appearance > Themes, clicked Preview on another theme, then Cancel, and my widgets were still there.

    Could you please describe, step-by-step, exactly what you did and where before the widgets vanished? Thanks.

  16. Hi Kathryn - Great Idea about the screen shots - wish I had thought of that!!
    When my widgets were erased from my blog - I started out by clicking Stores, Themes, clicked on Preview, (actually, I previewed a few themes, including playing with fonts and colors). Then after each preview I clicked cancel.
    When I went back to my own page, the widget side bars were gone, but in the Widgets general options page, my widgets (standard and customized) were taken out of the Primary areas and placed in 'inactive widgets' columns at the bottom of the page.
    I did manage to replace them all the first time of playing with theme previews, but after the second session of that, I couldn't.
    I stumbled across the screen options button on the widget page and managed to click on the accessibility option, which allowed me to drag and drop my widgets back into place.
    I hope this will be of some help in figuring out what's going on. I would love to check the themes, but would find it somewhat frustrating to have to update my current page each time.
    Cheers, and thanks for your help!

  17. Robyn - thanks for this. Could you tell me what your original theme was, and what theme did you try to preview?

  18. I've been able to replicate this bug. Please hang tight while we investigate why widgets are being lost after previewing a theme. We'll keep you posted here.

  19. Hi Kathryn,

    No, I didn't switch themes, just a standard preview and cancel as you describe. I just replicated it for the third time; there's no doubt that this is the issue...

  20. My original theme is Twenty Ten and actually I was having a blast with quite a few. I'm not certain, I've remembered them all, because I saved snapshots for only a few, but for sure in the first go-around, I tried out:
    Hemingway Rewritten
    Dynamic News
    Twenty Thirteen

  21. Thanks, Robyn. We are actively looking at this glitch right now and will let you know when it's fixed.

  22. Hi there. I experienced the same problem. Some time ago I was previewing themes by actually activating them, and my widgets disappeared but then I found them on inactive widgets, so I just had to drag and order them again.
    But yesterday, I previewed a bunch of themes via appearance - themes. I didn't activate or purchase any of them. I clicked cancel every time and when I was done playing around with themes, I noticed all my widgets disappeared. I was hoping to find them as inactive, but this time they had disappeared for good.
    I had to make them again from scratch, and I've saved the code in all of them in a different document in case they disappear again.
    My theme is: Truly Minimal
    And some of the themes I previewed were: Hemingway Rewritten, Personal, and Photolia.
    Thanks for your help,
    A New Life Wandering

  23. Thanks, Mani.

    As I mentioned earlier, we've confirmed this glitch and are working on getting it fixed. There's no need to add any new reports here because we are pretty sure we know what's causing the problem.

    Thanks for your patience, everyone. We'll update this thread as soon as we have news.

  24. We believe the bug with disappearing widgets is now fixed. Please refresh your site in the browser to pull in the latest code.

    Those who experienced the glitch may still see widgets in the Inactive Sidebar areas - you can either drag those back into your active widget areas or delete them, as you wish.

    We apologize for this bug, which was caused by a recent change in WordPress core code. (Anyone who's interested in the technical details can find out more here.)

    If anyone is still experiencing issues with disappearing widgets after a theme preview, please let me know.

  25. That's great news. Thank you all so much for getting on top of this glitch so quickly!

  26. rinnovamentolivorno

    Bless God all the widgets were only parked in the inactive widget areas and not LOST at all!!
    But what an effort restoring about 50 widget and more!
    My theme is twenty-ten. Before the bug I think I've previewd "Fictive" and "Hemingway Rewritten", but I'm not sure.
    I've worked to other blogs with different user-name, too.
    Here's a screen-shot of the widget-dashboard:

  27. My blog is All my widgets went disappeared again today. I just restored it lady night : (

    Please help.

  28. My widgets are not showing up. I changed my theme from Coraline to Twenty Eleven. I moved some of the widgets from the inactive section to my showcase sidebar and it is still not showing up. Please help.

  29. thistimethisspace

    My missing widgets were all in my Inactive Widgets box and I have restored them to my sidebar now.

  30. Today I previewed a bunch of themes and I had no problems with widgets this time. Yay! FYI

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