All my widgets have disappeared

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    Thanks, Robyn. We are actively looking at this glitch right now and will let you know when it’s fixed.



    Hi there. I experienced the same problem. Some time ago I was previewing themes by actually activating them, and my widgets disappeared but then I found them on inactive widgets, so I just had to drag and order them again.
    But yesterday, I previewed a bunch of themes via appearance – themes. I didn’t activate or purchase any of them. I clicked cancel every time and when I was done playing around with themes, I noticed all my widgets disappeared. I was hoping to find them as inactive, but this time they had disappeared for good.
    I had to make them again from scratch, and I’ve saved the code in all of them in a different document in case they disappear again.
    My theme is: Truly Minimal
    And some of the themes I previewed were: Hemingway Rewritten, Personal, and Photolia.
    Thanks for your help,
    A New Life Wandering



    Thanks, Mani.

    As I mentioned earlier, we’ve confirmed this glitch and are working on getting it fixed. There’s no need to add any new reports here because we are pretty sure we know what’s causing the problem.

    Thanks for your patience, everyone. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have news.



    We believe the bug with disappearing widgets is now fixed. Please refresh your site in the browser to pull in the latest code.

    Those who experienced the glitch may still see widgets in the Inactive Sidebar areas – you can either drag those back into your active widget areas or delete them, as you wish.

    We apologize for this bug, which was caused by a recent change in WordPress core code. (Anyone who’s interested in the technical details can find out more here.)

    If anyone is still experiencing issues with disappearing widgets after a theme preview, please let me know.



    That’s great news. Thank you all so much for getting on top of this glitch so quickly!


    Bless God all the widgets were only parked in the inactive widget areas and not LOST at all!!
    But what an effort restoring about 50 widget and more!
    My theme is twenty-ten. Before the bug I think I’ve previewd “Fictive” and “Hemingway Rewritten”, but I’m not sure.
    I’ve worked to other blogs with different user-name, too.
    Here’s a screen-shot of the widget-dashboard:



    My blog is All my widgets went disappeared again today. I just restored it lady night : (

    Please help.


    My widgets are not showing up. I changed my theme from Coraline to Twenty Eleven. I moved some of the widgets from the inactive section to my showcase sidebar and it is still not showing up. Please help.


    My missing widgets were all in my Inactive Widgets box and I have restored them to my sidebar now.



    Today I previewed a bunch of themes and I had no problems with widgets this time. Yay! FYI



    Glad to hear the glitch is gone and folks are able to preview themes without losing their widgets!

    MelodyWluv and Acting out Mama! – it sounds like your issues are unrelated to this earlier bug, which was resolved Friday afternoon. The glitch was related to previewing themes, not switching themes. If you still need help, could you each please start separate new threads so we can help you better one-on-one? Be sure to include a link to the site in question and let us know step-by-step exactly what you did before your widgets went missing.

    I’m going to close this thread since the bug’s been resolved.

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