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All Of A Sudden, My Statcounter Statistics Are Showing Which Pages Are Viewed !

  1. routingbyrumor

    I use StatCounter to collect statistics for my blog. Since javascript is not allowed at, you are restricted to using the Statcounter html code. Consequently, Statcounter could not show a lot of valuable info, including which of my posts a visitors viewed.

    Starting yesterday however, Statcounter is showing which pages visitors are reading.

    Now, this isn't a complaint. I'm thrilled! ...but why is this working all of a sudden?

    - RoutingByRumor

  2. I would like to know TOOOOO! (We can't by any chance switch to the JAVA version... can we?????)

  3. They must have upgraded their features in order to please bloggers?

  4. They do talk about an upgrade on their blog but that was back in January.


  5. This is pretty darn useful!

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