All of a sudden (today) the Tweet button is not appearing at the bottom of my p

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    I have Matala by Nicolo Volpato theme installed and up until today the TWEET button appeared at the bottom of my blogs (all pages) alongside the Facebook, Linkedin, etc icons. Eventhough I have it set in the Sharing area of the blog settings – ie: I have dragged it onto the Enabled Services section, and at appears in the Live Preview area, it still doesn’t appear on the actual blog site when viewing?

    i hope you can help as I use this all the time.
    Blog url:


    I can see the button now, can you check if it might be a browser issue?



    I have tried 2 laptops and still have the same trouble. My main laptop has Internet Explorer 8 and I have followed the instructions to delete the cache and cookies, refreshed, reloaded and restarted my computer and still have the same problems. I have another couple of blogs and can see the Twitter icon on all of them. so why would it be different on the one blog?

    I will see if I can get someone else to view the blog on their laptops with Windows 10 to see what that does. Can you leave this topic open until I have it resolved? Thanks



    Ok, have had someone else try on their (newer) laptop. It does not apprear when using IE8 only when switching to FireFox. I really like this theme and most people will have IE8 or higher as their default browser and I don’t have any trouble with my other blog themes. Could you please investigate as this looks like a bug.




    They seem to be displaying properly for me in both IE 8 and IE 9.

    It’s possible that some browser add-ons could be interfering.

    Could you please try disabling your add-ons, if you have any?



    Hmmm, this doesn’t explain why the Tweet button WAS appearing with this theme on this laptop and another laptop and now is not appearing on this same laptops. Following the browser logic above, the tweet button would not appear on any of my blogs which is not the case. It is ONLY on this Theme that it is no longer appearing. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect that the addons may be the issue – as again following this logic, many of my readers would be expected to de-install their IR8 or IE9 addons in order to get it working and that is not going to happen.

    I am keen to use this theme with my own domain (through wordpress) ie: au so it is important that it works properly. Can you please check that the THEME does not have a bug? Maybe it has something to do with the length of the fields associcated with that object position? Don’t know, but I would very much like it to work and not have to change the theme.

    Thanks so much for your help.



    The theme definitely does not have a bug, as I am unable to reproduce the problem under IE 8 or IE 9 on multiple computers. Everything appears to be working just fine.

    Would you please try disabling any add-ons that you may have?



    Hi Macmanx & Vanillalounge (or anyone else that may be able to help here),

    I’m going to have one more try at trying to articulate what’s happening here and why I believe the Matala theme is not functioning properly. Could you please work through these statements logically to see if we can get to a conclusion that’s beyond the “….definitely does not have a bug…..appears to be working just fine….” conclusion?

    1. My Tweet button at the bottom of each post appears using all other themes but as soon as I select Matala, it does not appear (using IE8, Firefox is okay).
    2. I have now tried this on 1 x WinXP and 2 x Win7 PCs (& my patner on numerous different PCs at his office) and each time the Tweet button will appear without any issue on any number of themes I’ve tried, but as soon as I pick Matala the Tweet button does not appear in IE8 on any of those OS types across 3 or more different PCs.
    3. As mentioned above, Firefox is fine and doesn’t appear to exhibit the same issue.
    4. And as mentioned above, my partner has also tried my blog at several PCs at his office and all result in the same problem on IE of the Tweet button not appearing, but if he tries my blog (which uses the ‘Enterprise by StudioPress’ theme) the Tweet button appears without any difficulty.
    5. If I use a proxy server such as (with ‘remove client-side scripting’ button unticked) it also doesn’t display the Tweet button on the Matala themed changingwomen blog. Again though, if I use the same proxy server on susannemoore blog, the Tweet button works fine.
    6. If I use the web browser of a Google Android device (e.g. HTC Desire) the Tweet button does appear fine.


    It would appear there IS something not quite right with the Matala theme on IE. It just can’t be that I can have Tweet buttons appearing fine on all other themes that I’m either using or have tried on 3+ different PCs/laptops and a proxy server yet there is nothing wrong with it and it’s something to do with add-ons or my browser config (even though I’m aware client-side scripting will still be handled by my browser so if you try the same site, given your browser is handling it properly; it will most likely work for you….so no definitive conclusion can be reached with a proxy).

    I would really like to use this theme but won’t be able to if I can’t be confident the average user on any average PC anywhere on the Internet can see the Tweet button so they can choose to retweet my posts.

    Could you please:
    1. Have another look at this?
    2. Confirm you’ve tried this on regular vanilla IE8 on WinXP or Win7?
    3. Suggest whether there’s a way to deal with this from a WordPress perspective (i.e. without suggesting browser add-ons, settings etc; if an average user, the bulk of which are IE on WinXP/Vista/7, won’t see the Tweet button then I simply can’t use this theme)?

    Thanks for you help. I hope we can get to a resolution.


    Susanne Moore



    1 and 2. I have checked under a Windows XP PC with IE 8 and I can’t reproduce the problem. I’m not sure how “vanilla” this is because it’s not actually my computer.

    On the other hand, I have checked under a Windows Vista PC with IE 9 and was also unable to reproduce the problem. I only keep this PC for testing purposes, and it is quite “vanilla.”

    3. Given this, there’s not much that I can do. I can’t fix a problem that I can’t see. If you’re running any add-ons, would you please try disabling them? Also, is there any chance that you could upgrade to IE 9? It is the latest and most secure release.



    well that’s pretty unfortunate. In order to have the functionality so that ANYONE can Tweet my blog post, this function needs to work on any laptop or PC. I would suggest that you go outside and visit a standard Internet cafe and try it on one of those PC’s as this is a pretty standard way that people access public information over the internet such as a blog. Interesting that you say you can’t see the problem – if I was able to send you a screen shot you would easily be able to see it.

    what you haven’t been able to explain is WHY does the Tweet button appear on ALL my other blogs – which are different themes and NOT on the Matala theme. If it was just my computer then surely NONE of the blog themes that I have currently would display the tweet button?

    In the meantime, and sadly, I will change this theme to another. Having tested it already on 3 plus systems I know that the tweet button magically appears just by previewing any OTHER theme. It is disappointing that I have had yet another unrewarding help desk experience which has not solved the problem.

    This particular blog is really important and I want to get my own domain redirected to the blog, but I currently don’t have confidence that this theme will work.

    thanks for your time.



    I agree, IE 8 is still a very common browser, but I just can’t reproduce the problem in IE 8.

    Without seeing a problem myself and having the ability to interact with it, I can’t fix it.

    Was there any difference when you disabled your add-ons?



    I give up – you clearly haven’t read the issue. I am NOT interested in addons or not addons. I am interested in the AVERAGE user being able to use a pretty standard function – THE TWEET BUTTON.



    I have read your issue, and I’m trying to help. I made a trip down to the library this morning, tried three separate computers with IE 8, and neither exhibit the problem you’re describing.

    At this point, I can’t suggest anything more than the problem being limited to just the computers that you’re using.



    did you go into a shop, a cafe, a friends house, any person on the street and go to and test it? Until you have done that OR you give me an email address to send the screen shots to then you have NOT done everything that you could do. In the meantime, I have written directly to the designer of the theme to alert them and I will be changing the theme to one where the TWEET button magically appears on Wednesday if it is not sorted before hand.

    You STILL have not answered the basic questions that I raised as to WHY;
    1) does the Tweet button appear on ALL my other blogs which ALL use different themes (I have about 6 blogs all using different themes);
    2) does the Tweet button appear on my blog in question (ie: when I simply change the theme?
    3) If your logic of my browser and addons is correct – then NONE of the themes would display the TWEET button.

    Come on, work through the issue, test it properly and don’t just make out that I as the user am a dope. I have probably been in the IT industry myself as a Project Manager for software (and enterprise level) projects longer than you have been alive – depending on your age – so I know what should work and what shouldn’t. I also know a bug when I see it.

    lastly, I have had my own IT person troubleshoot at this end. Bottom line is that the blog theme should work on ANY standard browser – for this theme to be usable – it needs to be able to handle ALL browsers.

    Do you suggest that I put a little disclaimer on the bottom of ALL my posts in the blog saying “please upgrade to IE 9 and disable ALL addons BEFORE you can read and use the post functions in this Blog” – I don’t think so.

    I don’t think that you are understanding – that I have 6 blogs – all of them work on other themes – one theme on one blog is not working – that is MATALA. Changing the theme on this blog makes the tweet button appear. Honestly – I can’t be any clearer unless your first language is NOT English and I need to speak Indian or Chinese. Yep, and I am really annoyed now.



    As mentioned, I went to my public library early this morning. Out of 8 available PCs, I tried your site on the only 3 that were open, all were running Internet Explorer 8, and neither of the 3 computers exhibited the problem that you’re describing.

    You can feel free to send a screenshot to, but until I can physically interact with the problem on a computer that I have access to, there’s little that I can do. A screenshot of the problem does not represent the problem itself, similar to how a photo does not represent the temperature of the day it was taken.

    At this point, I have tried 4 separate computers running IE 8 and cannot see the problem that you’re describing, which still leads me to believe that it is related to something on the computers that you’re using, possibly either an add-on or security application that is interfering with the browser’s rending of the page when using that specific theme.



    I have created a poll on the site at and getting some responses now so we will be able to have a good look when a few more comments come in.



    Ok, it will be interesting to see the outcome.



    At this point, my poll is showing 80% of users can see the tweet button, but 20% of users can not see the tweet button. If you go and have a look at the comments, it seems that the people that can not see the tweet button (just like me) are using IE 8 without any add ons installed.

    This says to me that this theme does not work for all standard users, on a standard browser for a user that is non technical and just wanting to look at something on the internet. The other thing that I noticed from the poll is that most of the YES votes came from this very forum with no comments attached. There was only 1 NO vote from this forum and that person left a comment. It is a great comment with a screen shot – so worth you looking at.

    So my conclusion? 80% is not enough to make the theme workable and before I change to the hosted solution I need to make sure that I have a theme that works for most people. My other questions remains answered – :why does the tweet button work on all the other themes that I use on my other blogs, and why does the Tweet button magically appear on the blog in question when I switch themes. My conclusion here is that there is a bug in this theme – if it was just my browser then the Tweet button would not appear on any of my blogs regardless of the theme.

    Unfortunately on this occassion, support, whilst interesting has not been helpful. Indeed the response reminds me of the old “you need to reboot your computer” that we used to get in the early 80’s. ie: it is the dumb user’s problem.



    Well, I’m still unable to reproduce the problem, and though you do have a screenshot, you also have 80% of votes claiming to be able to see the button in their browsers.

    Now, you do have 20% who can’t, and though that is a rather small margin using an out of date browser and hardly indicative of an average, it does concern me.

    I’m going to pass this on to the team that handles these buttons, but I can’t make any promises if one of us isn’t able to fall into that 20% that can’t see the button.



    Thanks that’s great!

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