All of my fonts increased and I don't know how to change them back

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    I left the blog of my summer camp for a few months and returned to find all the fonts to be huge and the theme seems to be altered. Please help, we are trying to apply for grants for next year’s camp

    The blog I need help with is





    Do you have the CSS editing upgrade and have you been CSS editing the blog?



    Or did you switch themes at all? If you had CSS code that worked with one theme and then you changed themes it might throw your new theme into a bit of a mess as CSS declarations are, for the most part, completely dependant on the underlying theme.


    I JUST had the same thing happen to me today! I do not have the upgrade and didn’t even think it was possible to change the font size. I was editing a few pages (just the text) and next thing I know a few hours later the text is huge on all my pages ( Now I can’t seem to get it back!



    This looks like the typical copy/paste error. There’s an unclosed tag on your blog, probably in the most recent post. Check your Settings -> General to see if you’ve selected “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML” and then go and edit that latest post. That should fix any unclosed tag errors.


    Got mine fixed. Something was wrong with the code in one of my widgets that seemed to turn the text large on everything! Good luck on fixing yours. Wish I could offer more specific help.

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